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Ziegler, P; Schrezenmeier, H; Akkad, J; Brassat, U; Vankann, L; Panse, J; Wilop, S; Balabanov, S; Schwarz, K; Martens, U M; Brümmendorf, T H (2012). Telomere elongation and clinical response to androgen treatment in a patient with aplastic anemia and a heterozygous hTERT gene mutation. Annals of Hematology, 91(7):1115-1120.

Cario, H; Smith, D E C; Blom, H; Blau, N; Bode, H; Holzmann, K; Pannicke, U; Hopfner, K P; Rump, E M; Ayric, Z; Kohne, E; Debatin, K M; Smulders, Y; Schwarz, K (2011). Dihydrofolate Reductase Deficiency Due to a Homozygous DHFR Mutation Causes Megaloblastic Anemia and Cerebral Folate Deficiency Leading to Severe Neurologic Disease. American Journal of Human Genetics, 88(2):226-231.

Kühl, J S; Schwarz, K; Münch, A; Schmugge, M; Pekrun, A; Meisel, C; Wahn, V; Ebell, W; Bernuth, H (2011). Hyper Bilirubinemia and rapid fatal hepatic failure in severe combined immunodeficiency caused by adenosine deaminase deficiency (ADA-SCID). Klinische Pädiatrie, 223(2):85-89.

Speiser, D E; Schwarz, K; Baumgaertner, P; Conzett, K B; Manolova, V; Devevre, E; Sterry, W; Walden, P; Zippelius, A; Senti, G; Voelter, V; Cerottini, J P; Guggisberg, D; Willers, J; Geldhof, C; Romero, P; Kündig, T; Knuth, A; Dummer, R; Trefzer, U; Bachmann, M F (2010). Memory and effector CD8 T-cell responses after nanoparticle vaccination of melanoma patients. Journal of Immunotherapy, 33(8):848-858.

Heimpel, H; Matuschek, A; Ahmed, M; Bader-Meunier, B; Colita, A; Delaunay, J; Garcon, L; Gilsanz, F; Goede, J; Högel, J; Kohne, E; Leichtle, R; Munoz, J; Perrotta, S; Piscopo, C; Renella, R; Schwarz, K; Smolenska-Sym, G; Wickramasinghe, S; Zanella, A; Iolascon, A (2010). Frequency of congenital dyserythropoietic anemias in Europe. European Journal of Haematology, 85(1):20-25.

Storni, T; Ruedl, C; Schwarz, K; Schwendener, R; Renner, W A; Bachmann, M F (2004). Nonmethylated CG motifs packaged into virus-like particles induce protective cytotoxic T cell responses in the absence of systemic side effects. Journal of Immunology, 172(3):1777-1785.

Khan, S; van den Broek, M; Schwarz, K; de Giuli, R; Diener, P A; Groettrup, M (2001). Immunoproteasomes largely replace constitutive proteasomes during an antiviral and antibacterial immune response in the liver. Journal of Immunology, 167(12):6859-6868.

Groettrup, M; van den Broek, M; Schwarz, K; Macagno, A; Khan, S; de Giuli, R; Schmidtke, G (2001). Structural plasticity of the proteasome and its function in antigen processing. Critical Reviews in Immunology, 21(4):339-358.

Schwarz, K; van Den Broek, M; Kostka, S; Kraft, R; Soza, A; Schmidtke, G; Kloetzel, P M; Groettrup, M (2000). Overexpression of the proteasome subunits LMP2, LMP7, and MECL-1, but not PA28 alpha/beta, enhances the presentation of an immunodominant lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus T cell epitope. Journal of Immunology, 165(2):768-778.

Schwarz, K; de Giuli, R; Schmidtke, G; Kostka, S; van den Broek, M; Kim, K B; Crews, C M; Kraft, R; Groettrup, M (2000). The selective proteasome inhibitors lactacystin and epoxomicin can be used to either up- or down-regulate antigen presentation at nontoxic doses. Journal of Immunology, 164(12):6147-6157.

Schwarz, K; van den Broek, M; de Giuli, R; Seelentag, W W; Shastri, N; Groettrup, M (2000). The use of LCMV-specific T cell hybridomas for the quantitative analysis of MHC class I restricted antigen presentation. Journal of Immunological Methods, 237(1-2):199-202.

Gallimore, A; Schwarz, K; van den Broek, M; Hengartner, H; Groettrup, M (1998). The proteasome inhibitor lactacystin prevents the generation of an endoplasmic reticulum leader-derived T cell epitope. Molecular Immunology, 35(10):581-91.

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