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Jenewein, J; Moergeli, H; Sprott, H; Honegger, D; Brunner, L; Ettlin, Dominik A; Grillon, C; Bloch, K; Brügger, M; Schwegler, K; Schumacher, S; Hasler, G (2013). Fear-learning deficits in subjects with fibromyalgia syndrome? European Journal of Pain, 17(9):1374-1384.

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Goetzmann, L; Sarac, N; Ambühl, P; Boehler, A; Irani, S; Muellhaupt, B; Noll, G; Schleuniger, M; Schwegler, K; Buddeberg, C; Klaghofer, R (2008). Psychological response and quality of life after transplantation: a comparison between heart, lung, liver and kidney recipients. Swiss Medical Weekly, 138(33-34):477-483.

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