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Symington, J W; Wang, C; Twentyman, J; Owusu-Boaitey, N; Schwendener, R; Núñez, G; Schilling, J D; Mysorekar, I U (2015). ATG16L1 deficiency in macrophages drives clearance of uropathogenic E. coli in an IL-1β-dependent manner. Mucosal immunology, 8:1388-1399.

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Sayi, A; Kohler, E; Hitzler, I; Arnold, I; Schwendener, R; Rehrauer, H; Müller, A (2009). The CD4+ T cell-mediated IFN-gamma response to Helicobacter infection is essential for clearance and determines gastric cancer risk. Journal of Immunology, 182(11):7085-7101.

Kim, D D; Miwa, T; Kimura, Y; Schwendener, R; van Lookeren Campagne, M; Song, W C (2008). Deficiency of decay-accelerating factor and complement receptor 1-related gene/protein y on murine platelets leads to complement-dependent clearance by the macrophage phagocytic receptor CRIg. Blood, 112(4):1109-1119.

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Hauk, T G; Müller, A; Lee-Thorp, J; Schwendener, R; Fischer, D (2008). Neuroprotective and axon growth promoting effects of intraocular inflammation do not depend on oncomodulin or the presence of large numbers of activated macrophages. Experimental Neurology, 209(2):469-482.

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