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Fischer, M D; Huber, G; Paquet-Durand, F; Humphries, P; Redmond, T M; Grimm, C; Seeliger, M W (2012). In Vivo Assessment of Rodent Retinal Structure Using Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography. In: LaVail, M M; Ash, J D; Anderson, R G; Hollyfileld, J G; Grimm, C. Retinal Degenerative Diseases. New York: Springer, 489-494.

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Huber, G; Heynen, S; Imsand, C; vom Hagen, F; Muehlfriedel, R; Tanimoto, N; Feng, Y; Hammes, H P; Grimm, C; Peichl, L; Seeliger, M W; Beck, S C (2010). Novel rodent models for macular research. PLoS ONE, 5(10):e13403.

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Fischer, M D; Huber, G; Beck, S C; Tanimoto, N; Muehlfriedel, R; Fahl, E; Grimm, C; Wenzel, A; Remé, C E; van de Pavert, S A; Wijnholds, J; Pacal, M; Bremner, R; Seeliger, M W (2009). Noninvasive, in vivo assessment of mouse retinal structure using optical coherence tomography. PLoS ONE, 4(10):e7507.

Dumelin, C E; Trüssel, S; Buller, F; Trachsel, E; Bootz, F; Zhang, Y; Mannocci, L; Beck, S C; Drumea-Mirancea, M; Seeliger, M W; Baltes, C; Müggler, T; Kranz, F; Rudin, M; Melkko, S; Scheuermann, J; Neri, D (2008). A portable albumin binder from a DNA-encoded chemical library. Angewandte Chemie Internationale Edition, 47(17):3196-3201.

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Samardzija, M; von Lintig, J; Tanimoto, N; Oberhauser, V; Thiersch, M; Remé, C E; Seeliger, M W; Grimm, C; Wenzel, A (2008). R91W mutation in Rpe65 leads to milder early-onset retinal dystrophy due to the generation of low levels of 11-cis-retinal. Human Molecular Genetics, 17(2):281-292.

Schild, A; Isenmann, S; Tanimoto, N; Tonagel, F; Seeliger, M W; Ittner, L M; Kretz, A; Ogris, E; Götz, J (2006). Impaired development of the Harderian gland in mutant protein phosphatase 2A transgenic mice. Mechanisms of Development, 123(5):362-371.

Bahadori, R; Huber, M; Rinner, O; Seeliger, M W; Geiger-Rudolph, S; Geisler, R; Neuhauss, S C F (2003). Retinal function and morphology in two zebrafish models of oculo-renal syndromes. European Journal of Neuroscience, 18(6):1377-1386.

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