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Arrigo, Mattia; Von Moos, Seraina; Gerritsen, Kerem; Sadoune, Malha; Tangvoraphonkchai, Kamonwan; Davenport, Andrew; Mebazaa, Alexandre; Segerer, Stephan; Cippà, Pietro E (2018). Soluble CD146 and B-type natriuretic peptide dissect overhydration into functional components of prognostic relevance in haemodialysis patients. Nephrology, Dialysis, Transplantation, 33(11):2035-2042.

Arrigo, Mattia; Vodovar, Nicolas; Von Moos, Seraina; Masson, Elisabeth; Segerer, Stephan; Cippà, Pietro E; Mebazaa, Alexandre (2018). High accuracy of proximity extension assay technology for the quantification of plasma brain natriuretic peptide. Journal of Clinical Laboratory Analysis, 32(8):e22574.

Gerber, Jennifer Scotti; Berney-Meyer, Linda; Segerer, Stephan (2018). Clostridium Ramosum - A Rare Cause of Peritoneal Dialysis-Related Peritonitis. Peritoneal Dialysis International, 38(3):231-232.

Seleznik, Gitta M; Reding, Theresia; Peter, Lukas; Gupta, Anurag; Steiner, Sabrina G; Sonda, Sabrina; Verbeke, Caroline S; Dejardin, Emmanuel; Khatkov, Igor; Segerer, Stephan; Heikenwalder, Mathias; Graf, Rolf (2018). Development of autoimmune pancreatitis is independent of CDKN1A/p21-mediated pancreatic inflammation. Gut, 67(9):1663-1673.

Seeger, Harald; Lindenmeyer, Maja T; Cohen, Clemens D; Jaeckel, Carsten; Nelson, Peter J; Chen, Jin; Edenhofer, Ilka; Kozakowski, Nicolas; Regele, Heinz; Boehmig, Georg; Brandt, Simone; Wuethrich, Rudolf P; Heikenwalder, Mathias; Fehr, Thomas; Segerer, Stephan (2018). Lymphotoxin expression in human and murine renal allografts. PLoS ONE, 13(1):e0189396.

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Prange, Jenny A; Bieri, Manuela; Segerer, Stephan; Burger, Charlotte; Kaech, Andres; Moritz, Wolfgang; Devuyst, Olivier (2016). Human proximal tubule cells form functional microtissues. Pflügers Archiv : European Journal of Physiology, 468(4):739-750.

Thalhammer, Christoph; Clemens, Robert K; Valentin, Marie-Luise; Alonso, Elena; Segerer, Stephan; Husmann, Marc; Amann-Vesti, Beatrice R (2016). Vertebral and internal mammary artery steal syndrome in patients with hemodialysis access. Vasa, 45(2):163-168.

Riwanto, Meliana; Kapoor, Sarika; Rodriguez, Daniel; Edenhofer, Ilka; Segerer, Stephan; Wüthrich, Rudolf P (2016). Inhibition of Aerobic Glycolysis Attenuates Disease Progression in Polycystic Kidney Disease. PLoS ONE, 11(1):e0146654.

Kraus, Anna K; Chen, Jin; Edenhofer, Ilka; Ravens, Inga; Gaspert, Ariana; Cippà, Pietro E; Mueller, Steffen; Wuthrich, Rudolf P; Segerer, Stephan; Bernhardt, Guenter; Fehr, Thomas (2016). The Role of T Cell Costimulation via DNAM-1 in Kidney Transplantation. PLoS ONE, 11(2):e0147951.

Seleznik, Gitta; Seeger, Harald; Bauer, Judith; Fu, Kai; Czerkowicz, Julie; Papandile, Adrian; Poreci, Uriana; Rabah, Dania; Ranger, Ann; Cohen, Clemens D; Lindenmeyer, Maja; Chen, Jin; Edenhofer, Ilka; Anders, Hans J; Lech, Maciej; Wüthrich, Rudolf P; Ruddle, Nancy H; Moeller, Marcus J; Kozakowski, Nicolas; Regele, Heinz; Browning, Jeffrey L; Heikenwalder, Mathias; Segerer, Stephan (2016). The lymphotoxin β receptor is a potential therapeutic target in renal inflammation. Kidney International, 89(1):113-126.

Kitterer, Daniel; Gürzing, Katharina; Segerer, Stephan; Alscher, M Dominik; Amann, Kerstin; Braun, Niko; Latus, Joerg (2015). Diagnostic impact of percutaneous renal biopsy. Clinical Nephrology, 84(12):311-322.

Sugano, Yuya; Lindenmeyer, Maja T; Auberger, Ines; Ziegler, Urs; Segerer, Stephan; Cohen, Clemens D; Neuhauss, Stephan C F; Loffing, Johannes (2015). The Rho-GTPase binding protein IQGAP2 is required for the glomerular filtration barrier. Kidney International, 88(5):1047-1056.

Kitterer, Daniel; Latus, Joerg; Ulmer, Christoph; Fritz, Peter; Biegger, Dagmar; Ott, German; Alscher, M Dominik; Witowski, Janusz; Kawka, Edyta; Jörres, Achim; Seeger, Harald; Segerer, Stephan; Braun, Niko (2015). Activation of nuclear factor of activated T cells 5 in the peritoneal membrane of uremic patients. American Journal of Physiology. Renal, Fluid and Electrolyte Physiology, 308(11):F1247-F1258.

Latus, Joerg; Schwab, Matthias; Tacconelli, Evelina; Pieper, Friedrich-Michael; Wegener, Daniel; Rettenmaier, Bianka; Schwab, Andrea; Hoffmann, Larissa; Dippon, Juergen; Müller, Simon; Fritz, Peter; Zakim, David; Segerer, Stephan; Kitterer, Daniel; Kimmel, Martin; Gußmann, Karl; Priwitzer, Martin; Mezger, Barbara; Walter-Frank, Birgit; Corea, Angela; Wiedenmann, Albrecht; Brockmann, Stefan; Pöhlmann, Christoph; Alscher, M Dominik; Braun, Niko (2015). Acute kidney injury and tools for risk-stratification in 456 patients with hantavirus-induced nephropathia epidemica. Nephrology, Dialysis, Transplantation, 30(2):245-251.

Latus, Joerg; Schwab, Matthias; Tacconelli, Evelina; Pieper, Friedrich-Michael; Wegener, Daniel; Dippon, Juergen; Müller, Simon; Zakim, David; Segerer, Stephan; Kitterer, Daniel; Priwitzer, Martin; Mezger, Barbara; Walter-Frank, Birgit; Corea, Angela; Wiedenmann, Albrecht; Brockmann, Stefan; Pöhlmann, Christoph; Alscher, M Dominik; Braun, Niko (2015). Clinical course and long-term outcome of hantavirus-associated nephropathia epidemica, Germany. Emerging Infectious Diseases, 21(1):76-83.

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Kitterer, Daniel; Segerer, Stephan; Steurer, Wolfgang; Dippon, Juergen; Geissler, Angela; Ulmer, Christoph; Braun, Niko; Alscher, Mark Dominik; Latus, Joerg (2015). C-reactive protein levels in combination with abdominal CT scans is a useful tool to predict the macroscopic appearance in late-stage EPS patients prior to surgery. International Journal of Nephrology and Renovascular Disease, 8:83-90.

Latus, Joerg; Kitterer, Daniel; Segerer, Stephan; Artunc, Ferruh; Alscher, M Dominik; Braun, Niko (2015). Determination of procalcitonin levels in patients with nephropathia epidemica - a useful tool or an unnecessary diagnostic procedure? Kidney & Blood Pressure Research, 40(1):22-30.

Kapoor, Sarika; Rodriguez, Daniel; Riwanto, Meliana; Edenhofer, Ilka; Segerer, Stephan; Mitchell, Katharyn J; Wüthrich, Rudolf P (2015). Effect of Sodium-Glucose Cotransport Inhibition on Polycystic Kidney Disease Progression in PCK Rats. PLoS ONE, 10(4):e0125603.

Kitterer, Daniel; Artunc, Ferruh; Segerer, Stephan; Alscher, M Dominik; Braun, Niko; Latus, Joerg (2015). Evaluation of lipase levels in patients with nephropathia epidemica--no evidence for acute pancreatitis. BMC Infectious Diseases, 15:286.

Rodriguez, Daniel; Kapoor, Sarika; Edenhofer, Ilka; Segerer, Stephan; Riwanto, Meliana; Kipar, Anja; Yang, Ming; Mei, Changlin; Wüthrich, Rudolf P (2015). Inhibition of Sodium-GlucoseCotransporter 2 with dapagliflozin in Han: SPRD rats with polycystic kidney disease. Kidney & Blood Pressure Research, 40(6):638-647.

Kitterer, Daniel; Segerer, Stephan; Alscher, M Dominik; Braun, Niko; Latus, Joerg (2015). Puumala Hantavirus-Induced Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome Must Be Considered across the Borders of Nephrology to Avoid Unnecessary Diagnostic Procedures. PLoS ONE, 10(12):e0144622.

Cippà, Pietro E; Segerer, Stephan (2015). Sichere Shuntchirurgie - aus der Sicht des Nephrologen. Gefässchirurgie, 20(8):554-558.

Seeger, Harald; Kitterer, Daniel; Latus, Joerg; Alscher, Mark Dominik; Braun, Niko; Segerer, Stephan (2015). The potential role of NFAT5 and osmolarity in peritoneal injury. BioMed Research International, 2015:578453.

Latus, Joerg; Goffin, Eric; Schroeder, Josef A; Fritz, Peter; Ott, German; Ulmer, Christoph; Steurer, Wolfgang; Kimmel, Martin; Biegger, Dagmar; Segerer, Stephan; Alscher, M Dominik; Braun, Niko (2014). Gadolinium deposits could influence the course of encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis. Peritoneal Dialysis International, 34(5):561-565.

Latus, Joerg; Habib, Sayed M; Kitterer, Daniel; Korte, Mario R; Ulmer, Christoph; Fritz, Peter; Davies, Simon; Lambie, Mark; Alscher, M Dominik; Betjes, Michiel G H; Segerer, Stephan; Braun, Niko (2014). Histological and clinical findings in patients with post-transplantation and classical encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis: a European multicenter study. PLoS ONE, 9(8):e106511.

Seeger, Harald; Braun, Niko; Latus, Joerg; Alscher, M Dominik; Fritz, Peter; Edenhofer, Ilka; Biegger, Dagmar; Lindenmeier, Maja; Wüthrich, Rudolf P; Segerer, Stephan (2014). Platelet-derived growth factor receptor-β expression in human peritoneum. Nephron Clinical Practice, 128(1-2):178-184.

Spichtig, Daniela; Zhang, Hongbo; Mohebbi, Nilufar; Pavik, Ivana; Petzold, Katja; Stange, Gerti; Saleh, Lanja; Edenhofer, Ilka; Segerer, Stephan; Biber, Jürg; Jaeger, Philippe; Serra, Andreas L; Wagner, Carsten A (2014). Renal expression of FGF23 and peripheral resistance to elevated FGF23 in rodent models of polycystic kidney disease. Kidney International, 85(6):1340-1350.

Kraus, Anna Katharina; Cippá, Pietro Ernesto; Gaspert, Ariana; Chen, Jin; Edenhofer, Ilka; Wüthrich, Rudolph Peter; Lindenmeyer, Maja; Segerer, Stephan; Fehr, Thomas (2013). Absence of donor CD40 protects renal allograft epithelium and preserves renal function. Transplant International, 26(5):535-544.

Braun, Niko; Sen, Kontheari; Alscher, M Dominik; Fritz, Peter; Kimmel, Martin; Morelle, Johann; Goffin, Eric; Jörres, Achim; Wüthrich, Rudolf P; Cohen, Clemens D; Segerer, Stephan (2013). Periostin: a matricellular protein involved in peritoneal injury during peritoneal dialysis. Peritoneal Dialysis International, 33(5):515-528.

Latus, Joerg; Ulmer, Christoph; Fritz, Peter; Rettenmaier, Bianka; Biegger, Dagmar; Lang, Thomas; Ott, German; Kimmel, Martin; Steurer, Wolfgang; Alscher, M Dominik; Segerer, Stephan; Braun, Niko (2013). Phenotypes of encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis - macroscopic appearance, histologic findings, and outcome. Peritoneal Dialysis International, 33(5):495-502.

Cippà, Pietro E; Kamarashev, Jivko; Chen, Jin; Kraus, Anna K; Segerer, Stephan; Feldmeyer, Laurence; Fehr, Thomas (2013). Synergistic Bcl-2 inhibition by ABT-737 and cyclosporine A. Apoptosis, 18(3):315-323.

Wang, Xueqi; Zhang, Suhua; Liu, Yang; Spichtig, Daniela; Kapoor, Sarika; Koepsell, Hermann; Mohebbi, Nilufar; Segerer, Stephan; Serra, Andreas L; Rodriguez, Daniel; Devuyst, Olivier; Mei, Changlin; Wüthrich, Rudolf P (2013). Targeting of sodium-glucose cotransporters with phlorizin inhibits polycystic kidney disease progression in Han:SPRD rats. Kidney International, 84(5):962-968.

Reimold, Fabian R; Braun, Niko; Zsengellér, Zsuzsanna K; Stillman, Isaac E; Karumanchi, S Ananth; Toka, Hakan R; Latus, Joerg; Fritz, Peter; Biegger, Dagmar; Segerer, Stephan; Alscher, M Dominik; Bhasin, Manoj K; Alper, Seth L (2013). Transcriptional patterns in peritoneal tissue of encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis, a complication of chronic peritoneal dialysis. PLoS ONE, 8(2):e56389.

Thalhammer, Christoph; Pfammatter, Thomas; Segerer, Stephan (2013). Vascular accesses for hemodialysis - an update. Vasa, 42(4):252-63.

Segerer, Stephan (2012). The spectrum of podoplanin expression in encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis. PLoS ONE, (7):e48647.

Seleznik, Gitta M; Reding, Theresia; Romrig, Franziska; Saito, Yasuyuki; Mildner, Alexander; Segerer, Stephan; Sun, Li-Kang; Regenass, Stephan; Lech, Maciej; Anders, Hans-Joachim; McHugh, Donal; Kumagi, Teru; Hiasa, Yoichi; Lackner, Carolin; Haybaeck, Johannes; Angst, Eliane; Perren, Aurel; Balmer, Maria Luisa; Slack, Emma; Macpherson, Andrew; Manz, Markus; Weber, Achim; Browning, Jeffrey L; Arkan, Melek Canan; Rülicke, Thomas; Aguzzi, Adriano; Prinz, Marco; Graf, Rolf; Heikenwalder, Mathias (2012). Lymphotoxin β receptor signaling promotes development of autoimmune pancreatitis. Gastroenterology, 143(5):1361-1374.

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