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Fritzsche, F R; Hasler, A; Bode, P K; Adams, H; Seifert, H H; Sulser, T; Moch, H; Barghorn, A; Kristiansen, G (2011). Expression of histone deacetylases 1, 2 and 3 in histological subtypes of testicular germ cell tumours. Histology and Histopathology, 26(12):1555-1561.

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Hermanns, T; Strebel, D D; Hefermehl, L J; Gross, O; Mortezavi, A; Müller, A; Eberli, D; Müntener, M; Michel, M S; Meier, A H; Sulser, T; Seifert, H H (2011). Lithium triborate laser vaporization of the prostate using the 120 w, high performance system laser: high performance all the way? The Journal of Urology, 185(6):2241-2247.

Tischler, V; Fritzsche, F R; Wild, P J; Stephan, C; Seifert, H H; Riener, M O; Hermanns, T; Mortezavi, A; Gerhardt, J; Schraml, P; Jung, K; Moch, H; Soltermann, A; Kristiansen, G (2010). Periostin is up-regulated in high grade and high stage prostate cancer. BMC Cancer, 10:273.

Wild, P J; Fuchs, T; Stoehr, R; Zimmermann, D; Frigerio, S; Padberg, B; Steiner, I; Zwarthoff, E C; Burger, M; Denzinger, S; Hofstaedter, F; Kristiansen, G; Hermanns, T; Seifert, H H; Provenzano, M; Sulser, T; Roth, V; Buhmann, J M; Moch, H; Hartmann, A (2009). Detection of Urothelial Bladder Cancer Cells in Voided Urine Can Be Improved by a Combination of Cytology and Standardized Microsatellite Analysis. Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention, 18(6):1798-1806.

Feicke, A; Baumgartner, M; Talimi, S; Schmid, D M; Seifert, H H; Müntener, M; Fatzer, M; Sulser, T; Strebel, R T (2009). Robotic-assisted laparoscopic extended pelvic lymph node dissection for prostate cancer: surgical technique and experience with the first 99 cases. European Urology, 55(4):876-884.

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Seifert, H H (2009). Editorial comment: phase one pilot study using magnetic resonance spectroscopy to predict the histology of radiofrequency-ablated renal tissue. European Urology, 55(2):439-440.

Hermanns, T; Sulser, T; Hefermehl, L; Strebel, D; Michel, M S; Müntener, M; Meier, A H; Seifert, H H (2009). Loss of power output and laser fibre degradation during 120 watt lithium-triborate HPS laser vaporisation of the prostate. In: SPIE Photonics West 2009, San Jose, California, USA, 24 January 2009 - 29 January 2009.

Tremp, M; Sulser, T; Seifert, H H (2009). Delayed infection of a pelvic lymphocele following robotic radical prostatectomy and pelvic lymphadenectomy: two cases. Urologia internationalis, 83(4):479-481.

Seifert, H H; Hermanns, T; Sulser, T (2008). Die Greenlight-Laservaporisation der Prostata zur Therapie des benignen Prostatasyndroms: Entwicklung und Stellenwert. Urologe Ausgabe, 47(8):964-968.

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