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Kuo, Tony C Y; Hatakeyama, Masaomi; Tameshige, Toshiaki; Shimizu, Kentaro K; Sese, Jun (2018). Homeolog expression quantification methods for allopolyploids. Briefings in Bioinformatics:Epub ahead of print.

Paape, Timothy; Briskine, Roman V; Halstead-Nussloch, Gwyneth; Lischer, Heidi E L; Shimizu-Inatsugi, Rie; Hatakeyama, Masaomi; Tanaka, Kenta; Nishiyama, Tomoaki; Sabirov, Renat; Sese, Jun; Shimizu, Kentaro K (2018). Patterns of polymorphism and selection in the subgenomes of the allopolyploid Arabidopsis kamchatica. Nature Communications, 9:3909.

Kuo, Tony; Hatakeyama, Masaomi; Tameshige, Toshiaki; Shimizu, Kentaro K; Sese, Jun (2018). Homeolog expression quantification methods for allopolyploids. bioRxiv 426437, University of Zurich.

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Briskine, Roman V; Paape, Timothy; Shimizu-Inatsugi, Rie; Nishiyama, Tomoaki; Akama, Satoru; Sese, Jun; Shimizu, Kentaro K (2017). Genome assembly and annotation ofArabidopsis halleri, a model for heavy metal hyperaccumulation and evolutionary ecology. Molecular Ecology Notes, 17(5):1025-1036.

Paape, Timothy; Hatakeyama, Masaomi; Shimizu-Inatsugi, Rie; Cereghetti, Teo; Onda, Yoshihiko; Kenta, Tanaka; Sese, Jun; Shimizu, Kentaro K (2016). Conserved but attenuated parental gene expression in allopolyploids: constitutive zinc hyperaccumulation in the allotetraploidArabidopsis kamchatica. Molecular Biology and Evolution:1-44.

Shimizu-Inatsugi, Rie; Terada, Aika; Hirose, Kyosuke; Kudoh, Hiroshi; Sese, Jun; Shimizu, Kentaro K (2016). Plant adaptive radiation mediated by polyploid plasticity in transcriptomes. Molecular Ecology:1-35.

Novikova, Polina Yu; Hohmann, Nora; Nizhynska, Viktoria; Tsuchimatsu, Takashi; Ali, Jamshaid; Muir, Graham; Guggisberg, Alessia; Paape, Tim; Schmid, Karl; Fedorenko, Olga M; Holm, Svante; Säll, Torbjörn; Schlötterer, Christian; Marhold, Karol; Widmer, Alex; Sese, Jun; Shimizu, Kentaro K; Weigel, Detlef; Krämer, Ute; Koch, Marcus A; Nordborg, Magnus (2016). Sequencing of the genus Arabidopsis identifies a complex history of nonbifurcating speciation and abundant trans-specific polymorphism. Nature Genetics, 48(9):1077-1082.

Tedder, Andrew; Helling, Matthias; Pannell, John R; Shimizu-Inatsugi, Rie; Kawagoe, Tetsuhiro; van Campen, Julia; Sese, Jun; Shimizu, Kentaro K (2015). Female sterility associated with increased clonal propagation suggests a unique combination of androdioecy and asexual reproduction in populations of Cardamine amara (Brassicaceae). Annals of Botany, 115(5):763-776.

Akama, Satoru; Shimizu-Inatsugi, Rie; Shimizu, Kentaro K; Sese, Jun (2014). Genome-wide quantification of homeolog expression ratio revealed nonstochastic gene regulation in synthetic allopolyploid Arabidopsis. Nucleic Acids Research, 42(6):e46.

Ogura, Atsushi; Yoshida, Masa-aki; Moritaki, Takeya; Sese, Jun; Shimizu, Kentaro K; Sousounis, Konstantinos; Tsonis, Panagiotis A (2013). Loss of the six3/6 controlling pathways might have resulted in pinhole-eye evolution in Nautilus. Scientific Reports, 3:1432.

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Saito, Hideyuki; Sese, Jun; Shimizu-Inatsugi, Rie; Kamimura, Shoko; Yamada, Tadayasu; Shimizu, Kentaro K (2011). Development of DNA microarray for Fagus crenata. Forest Tree Breeding of Hokkaido, 54(2):11-14.

Konaka, Yoshiko; Fukuzaki, Mutsumi; Yoshida, Masaaki; Shimizu, Kentaro K; Ogura, Atsushi; Sese, Jun (2010). Gene duplication detection with frequent pattern analysis. IPSJ SIG Technical Reports, 23:1-8.

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