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Cascioli, F; Höche, S; Krauss, F; Maierhöfer, P; Pozzorini, S; Siegert, F (2014). Automatic one-loop calculations with Sherpa+OpenLoops. Journal of Physics : Conference Series, 523:012058.

CMS Collaboration; Cascioli, F; Höche, S; Krauss, F; Maierhöfer, P; Pozzorini, S; Siegert, F; et al (2014). Precise Higgs-background predictions: merging NLO QCD and squared quark-loop corrections to four-lepton + 0,1 jet production. Journal of High Energy Physics, 2014(46):online.

Alioli, S; Badger, S; Bellm, J; Biedermann, B; Boudjema, F; Cullen, G; Denner, A; van Deurzen, H; Dittmaier, S; Frederix, R; Frixione, S; Garzelli, M V; Gieseke, S; Glover, E W N; Greiner, N; Heinrich, G; Hirschi, V; Höche, S; Huston, J; Ita, H; Kauer, N; Krauss, F; Luisoni, G; Maître, D; Maltoni, F; Nason, P; Oleari, C; Pittau, R; Plätzer, S; Pozzorini, S; Reina, L; Reuschle, C; Robens, T; Schlenk, J; Schönherr, M; Siegert, F; von Soden-Fraunhofen, J F; Tackmann, F; Tramontano, F; Uwer, P; Salam, G; Skands, P; Weinzierl, S; Winter, J; Yundin, V; Zanderighi, G; Zaro, M (2014). Update of the Binoth Les Houches Accord for a standard interface between Monte Carlo tools and one-loop programs. Computer Physics Communications, 185(2):560-571.

Höche, S; Schumann, S; Siegert, F (2010). Hard photon production and matrix-element parton-shower merging. Physical Review D, 81(3):034026-14pp.

Gleisberg, T; Höche, S; Krauss, F; Schönherr, M; Schumann, S; Siegert, F; Winter, J (2009). Event generation with SHERPA 1.1. Journal of High Energy Physics, (02):007.

Höche, S; Krauss, F; Schumann, S; Siegert, F (2009). QCD matrix elements and truncated showers. Journal of High Energy Physics, (05):053.

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