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Sigel, H; Sigel, Roland K O (2013). Metal ion interactions with nucleic acids and their constituents. In: Reedijk, J; Poepelmeier, K. Comprehensive Inorganic Chemistry. Oxford: Elsevier Ltd, 623-660.

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Knobloch, B; Sigel, H; Okruszek, A; Sigel, Roland K O (2007). Metal-Ion-Coordinating Properties of the Dinucleotide 2′-Deoxyguanylyl(5′→3′)-2′-deoxy-5′-guanylate (d(pGpG)3−): Isomeric Equilibria Including Macrochelated Complexes Relevant for Nucleic Acids. Chemistry - A European Journal, 13(6):1804-1814.

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