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Ramakrishnan, Chandra; Maier, Simone; Walker, Robert A; Rehrauer, Hubert; Joekel, Deborah E; Winiger, Rahel R; Basso, Walter U; Grigg, Michael E; Hehl, Adrian B; Deplazes, Peter; Smith, Nicholas C (2019). An experimental genetically attenuated live vaccine to prevent transmission of Toxoplasma gondii by cats. Scientific Reports, 9(1):1474.

Lippuner, Christoph; Ramakrishnan, Chandra; Basso, Walter U; Schmid, Marc W; Okoniewski, Michal; Smith, Nicholas C; Hässig, Michael; Deplazes, Peter; Hehl, Adrian B (2018). RNA-Seq analysis during the life cycle of Cryptosporidium parvum reveals significant differential gene expression between proliferating stages in the intestine and infectious sporozoites. International Journal for Parasitology, 48(6):413-422.

Ramakrishnan, Chandra; Walker, Robert A; Eichenberger, Ramon M; Hehl, Adrian B; Smith, Nicholas C (2017). The merozoite-specific protein, TgGRA11B, identified as a component of the Toxoplasma gondii parasitophorous vacuole in a tachyzoite expression model. International Journal for Parasitology, 47(10/11):597-600.

Walker, Robert A; Sharman, Philippa A; Miller, Catherine M; Lippuner, Christoph; Okoniewski, Michal; Eichenberger, Ramon M; Ramakrishnan, Chandra; Brossier, Fabien; Deplazes, Peter; Hehl, Adrian B; Smith, Nicholas C (2015). RNA Seq analysis of the Eimeria tenella gametocyte transcriptome reveals clues about the molecular basis for sexual reproduction and oocyst biogenesis. BMC Genomics, 16(1):94.

Hehl, Adrian B; Basso, Walter U; Lippuner, Christoph; Ramakrishnan, Chandra; Okoniewski, Michal; Walker, Robert A; Grigg, Michael E; Smith, Nicholas C; Deplazes, Peter (2015). Asexual expansion of Toxoplasma gondii merozoites is distinct from tachyzoites and entails expression of non-overlapping gene families to attach, invade, and replicate within feline enterocytes. BMC Genomics, 16(1):66.

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