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Germann, Marco; Snedeker, Jess G; Stalder, Michael; Nuss, Katja M; Meyer, Dominik C; Farshad, Mazda (2018). Incorporating BMP-2 and skeletal muscle to a semitendinosus autograft in an oversized tunnel yields robust bone tunnel ossification in rabbits: Toward single-step revision of failed anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. The Knee, 25(5):765-773.

Blache, Ulrich; Vallmajo‐Martin, Queralt; Horton, Edward R; Guerrero, Julien; Djonov, Valentin; Scherberich, Arnaud; Erler, Janine T; Martin, Ivan; Snedeker, Jess G; Milleret, Vincent; Ehrbar, Martin (2018). Notch‐inducing hydrogels reveal a perivascular switch of mesenchymal stem cell fate. EMBO Reports, 19(8):e45964.

Camenzind, Roland S; Tondelli, Timo O; Götschi, Tobias; Holenstein, Claude; Snedeker, Jess G (2018). Can Genipin-coated Sutures Deliver a Collagen Crosslinking Agent to Improve Suture Pullout in Degenerated Tendon? An Ex Vivo Animal Study. Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research, 476(5):1104-1113.

Schoenenberger, Angelina D; Foolen, Jasper; Moor, Pascal; Silvan, Unai; Snedeker, Jess G (2018). Substrate fiber alignment mediates tendon cell response to inflammatory signaling. Acta Biomaterialia:1742-7061.

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Wunderli, Stefania L; Widmer, Jonas; Amrein, Niklaus; Foolen, Jasper; Silvan, Unai; Leupin, Olivier; Snedeker, Jess G (2018). Minimal mechanical load and tissue culture conditions preserve native cell phenotype and morphology in tendon-a novel ex vivo mouse explant model. Journal of Orthopaedic Research, 36(5):1383-1390.

Senteler, Marco; Aiyangar, Ameet; Weisse, Bernhard; Farshad, Mazda; Snedeker, Jess G (2018). Sensitivity of intervertebral joint forces to center of rotation location and trends along its migration path. Journal of Biomechanics, 70:140-148.

Foolen, Jasper; Wunderli, Stefania L; Loerakker, Sandra; Snedeker, Jess G (2018). Tissue alignment enhances remodeling potential of tendon-derived cells - Lessons from a novel microtissue model of tendon scarring. Matrix Biology, 65:14-29.

Helle, Sebastian Carsten Johannes; Feng, Qian; Aebersold, Mathias J; Hirt, Luca; Grüter, Raphael R; Vahid, Afshin; Sirianni, Andrea; Mostowy, Serge; Snedeker, Jess G; Šarić, Anđela; Idema, Timon; Zambelli, Tomaso; Kornmann, Benoît (2017). Mechanical force induces mitochondrial fission. eLife, 6:e30292.

Snedeker, Jess G; Foolen, Jasper (2017). Tendon injury and repair - A perspective on the basic mechanisms of tendon disease and future clinical therapy. Acta Biomaterialia, 63:18-36.

Oberhofer, Katja; Hosseini Nasab, S H; Schütz, Pascal; Postolka, Barbara; Snedeker, Jess G; Taylor, William R; List, Renate (2017). The influence of muscle-tendon forces on ACL loading during jump landing: a systematic review. MLTJ Muscles, Ligaments and Tendons Journal, 7(1):125-135.

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Viehöfer, Arnd F; Snedeker, Jess G; Baumgartner, Daniel; Gerber, Christian (2016). Glenohumeral joint reaction forces increase with critical shoulder angles representative of osteoarthritis - a biomechanical analysis. Journal of Orthopaedic Research, 34(6):1047-1052.

Li, Xiang; He, Jiankang; Bian, Weiguo; Li, Zheng; Zhang, Wenyou; Li, Dichen; Snedeker, Jess G (2014). A novel silk-based artificial ligament and tricalcium phosphate/polyether ether ketone anchor for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction - safety and efficacy in a porcine model. Acta Biomaterialia, 10(8):3696-3704.

Senteler, Marco; Weisse, Bernhard; Snedeker, Jess G; Rothenfluh, Dominique A (2014). Pelvic incidence-lumbar lordosis mismatch results in increased segmental joint loads in the unfused and fused lumbar spine. European Spine Journal, 23(7):1384-1393.

Gerber, Christian; Snedeker, Jess G; Baumgartner, Daniel; Viehöfer, Arnd F (2014). Supraspinatus tendon load during abduction is dependent on the size of the critical shoulder angle: A biomechanical analysis. Journal of Orthopaedic Research, 32(7):952-957.

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Li, Xiang; He, Jiankang; Bian, Weiguo; Li, Zheng; Li, Dichen; Snedeker, Jess G (2014). A novel silk-TCP-PEEK construct for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: an off-the shelf alternative to a bone-tendon-bone autograft. Biofabrication, 6(1):015010.

Fessel, Gion; Li, Yufei; Diederich, Vincent; Guizar-Sicairos, Manuel; Schneider, Philipp; Sell, David R; Monnier, Vincent M; Snedeker, Jess G (2014). Advanced glycation end-products reduce collagen molecular sliding to affect collagen fibril damage mechanisms but not stiffness. PLoS ONE, 9(11):e110948.

Farshad, Mazda; Farshad-Amacker, Nadja A; Bachmann, Elias; Snedeker, Jess G; Schmid, Samuel L (2014). Biomechanical comparison of sagittal-parallel versus non-parallel pedicle screw placement. Acta Neurochirurgica, 156(11):2147-2151.

Cadby, Jennifer A; Buehler, Evelyne; Godbout, Charles; van Weeren, P René; Snedeker, Jess G (2014). Differences between the cell populations from the peritenon and the tendon core with regard to their potential implication in tendon repair. PLoS ONE, 9(3):e92474.

Meier Bürgisser, Gabriella; Calcagni, Maurizio; Müller, Angela; Bonavoglia, Eliana; Fessel, Gion; Snedeker, Jess G; Giovanoli, Pietro; Buschmann, Johanna (2014). Prevention of peritendinous adhesions using an electrospun DegraPol polymer tube: a histological, ultrasonographic, and biomechanical study in rabbits. BioMed Research International, 2014:656240.

Snedeker, Jess G (2014). The nuclear envelope as a mechanostat: a central cog in the machinery of cell and tissue regulation? BoneKEy Reports, 3:562.

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Buck, Aline R; Verstraete, Nina; Li, Yufei; Schweizer, Andreas; Snedeker, Jess G; Buck, Florian M (2012). Detection of small tendon lesions by sonoelastographic visualization of strain profile differences: initial experiences. Skeletal Radiology, 41(9):1073-1079.

Sharma, Ram I; Snedeker, Jess G (2012). Paracrine interactions between mesenchymal stem cells affect substrate driven differentiation toward tendon and bone phenotypes. PLoS ONE, 7(2):e31504.

Pelled, Gadi; Snedeker, Jess G; Ben-Arav, Ayelet; Rigozzi, Samuela; Zilberman, Yoram; Kimelman-Bleich, Nadav; Gazit, Zulma; Müller, Ralph; Gazit, Dan (2012). Smad8/BMP2-engineered mesenchymal stem cells induce accelerated recovery of the biomechanical properties of the Achilles tendon. Journal of Orthopaedic Research, 30(12):1932-1939.

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