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Solly, Emily F; Brunner, Ivano; Helmisaari, Heljä-Sisko; Herzog, Claude; Leppälammi-Kujansuu, Jaana; Schöning, Ingo; Schrumpf, Marion; Schweingruber, Fritz H; Trumbore, Susan E; Hagedorn, Frank (2018). Unravelling the age of fine roots of temperate and boreal forests. Nature Communications, 9(1):online.

Solly, Emily F; Lindahl, Björn D; Dawes, Melissa A; Peter, Martina; Souza, Rômulo C; Rixen, Christian; Hagedorn, Frank (2017). Experimental soil warming shifts the fungal community composition at the alpine treeline. New Phytologist, 215(2):766-778.

Shang, Yu; Sikorski, Johannes; Bonkowski, Michael; Fiore-Donno, Anna-Maria; Kandeler, Ellen; Marhan, Sven; Boeddinghaus, Runa S; Solly, Emily F; Schrumpf, Marion; Schöning, Ingo; Wubet, Tesfaye; Buscot, François; Overmann, Jörg (2017). Inferring interactions in complex microbial communities from nucleotide sequence data and environmental parameters. PLoS ONE, 12(3):e0173765.

Souza, Rômulo C; Solly, Emily F; Dawes, Melissa A; Graf, Frank; Hagedorn, Frank; Egli, Simon; Clement, Charles R; Nagy, Laszlo; Rixen, Christian; Peter, Martina (2017). Responses of soil extracellular enzyme activities to experimental warming and CO2 enrichment at the alpine treeline. Plant and Soil, 416(1-2):527-537.

Solly, Emily F; Djukic, Ika; Moiseev, Pavel A; Andreyashkina, Nelly I; Devi, Nadezhda M; Göransson, Hans; Mazepa, Valeriy S; Shiyatov, Stepan G; Trubina, Marina R; Schweingruber, Fritz H; Wilmking, Martin; Hagedorn, Frank (2017). Treeline advances and associated shifts in the ground vegetation alter fine root dynamics and mycelia production in the South and Polar Urals. Oecologia, 183(2):571-586.

Schwarz, Martin T; Bischoff, Sebastian; Blaser, Stefan; Boch, Steffen; Grassein, Fabrice; Klarner, Bernhard; Schmitt, Barbara; Solly, Emily F; Ammer, Christian; Michalzik, Beate; Schall, Peter; Scheu, Stefan; Schöning, Ingo; Schrumpf, Marion; Schulze, Ernst-Detlef; Siemens, Jan; Wilcke, Wolfgang (2016). Drivers of nitrogen leaching from organic layers in Central European beech forests. Plant and Soil, 403(1-2):343-360.

Klaus, Valentin H; Hölzel, Norbert; Prati, Daniel; Schmitt, Barbara; Schöning, Ingo; Schrumpf, Marion; Solly, Emily F; Hänsel, Falk; Fischer, Markus; Kleinebecker, Till (2016). Plant diversity moderates drought stress in grasslands: Implications from a large real-world study on ¹³C natural abundances. Science of the Total Environment, 566-567:215-222.

Solly, Emily F; Schöning, Ingo; Herold, Nadine; Trumbore, Susan E; Schrumpf, Marion (2015). No depth-dependence of fine root litter decomposition in temperate beech forest soils. Plant and Soil, 393(1-2):273-282.

Solly, Emily F; Schöning, Ingo; Boch, Steffen; Kandeler, Ellen; Marhan, Sven; Michalzik, Beate; Müller, Jörg; Zscheischler, Jakob; Trumbore, Susan E; Schrumpf, Marion (2014). Factors controlling decomposition rates of fine root litter in temperate forests and grasslands. Plant and Soil, 382(1-2):203-218.

Ahrens, Bernhard; Hansson, Karna; Solly, Emily F; Schrumpf, Marion (2014). Reconcilable differences: a joint calibration of fine-root turnover times with radiocarbon and minirhizotrons. New Phytologist, 204(4):932-942.

Solly, Emily F; Schöning, Ingo; Boch, S; Müller, J; Socher, S A; Trumbore, S E; Schrumpf, Marion (2013). Mean age of carbon in fine roots from temperate forests and grasslands with different management. Biogeosciences, 10(7):4833-4843.

D'Alessandro, Sara; Mitolo, Roberto; Solly, Emily F; Tabone, Carlo Maria (2009). Progetto Secondo Classificato: “Agripark Sangone”. In: Ronco, Roberto; et al. Concorso di progettazione : Contratto di Fiume del bacino del torrente Sangone. Masterplan del Piano d’Azione. Torino: Università di Torino, 14-16.

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