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Simmen, Simona; Cosin-Roger, Jesus; Melhem, Hassan; Maliachovas, Nikolaos; Maane, Max; Baebler, Katharina; Weder, Bruce; Maeyashiki, Chiaki; Spanaus, Katharina; Scharl, Michael; de Vallière, Cheryl; Zeitz, Jonas; Vavricka, Stephan R; Hausmann, Martin; Rogler, Gerhard; Ruiz, Pedro A (2019). Iron Prevents Hypoxia-Associated Inflammation Through the Regulation of Nuclear Factor-κB in the Intestinal Epithelium. Cellular and Molecular Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 7(2):339-355.

Rau, Monika; Schmitt, Johannes; Berg, Thomas; Kremer, Andreas E; Stieger, Bruno; Spanaus, Katharina; Bengsch, Bertram; Romero, Marta R; Marin, Jose J; Keitel, Verena; Klinker, Hartwig; Tony, Hans-Peter; Müllhaupt, Beat; Geier, Andreas (2018). Serum IP-10 levels and increased DPPIV activity are linked to circulating CXCR3+ T cells in cholestatic HCV patients. PLoS ONE, 13(12):e0208225.

Leeners, Brigitte; Kruger, Tillmann H C; Geraedts, Kirsten; Tronci, Enrico; Mancini, Toni; Ille, Fabian; Egli, Marcel; Röblitz, Susanna; Saleh, Lanja; Spanaus, Katharina; Schippert, Cordula; Zhang, Yuangyuang; Hengartner, Michael P (2017). Lack of Associations between Female Hormone Levels and Visuospatial Working Memory, Divided Attention and Cognitive Bias across Two Consecutive Menstrual Cycles. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience:11:120.

Hengartner, Michael P; Kruger, Tillmann H C; Geraedts, Kirsten; Tronci, Enrico; Mancini, Toni; Ille, Fabian; Egli, Marcel; Röblitz, Susanna; Ehrig, Rainald; Saleh, Lanja; Spanaus, Katharina; Schippert, Cordula; Zhang, Yuanyuan; Leeners, Brigitte (2017). Negative affect is unrelated to fluctuations in hormone levels across the menstrual cycle: Evidence from a multisite observational study across two successive cycles. Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 99:21-27.

Spanaus, Katharina; von Eckardstein, Arnold (2017). Evaluation of two fully automated immunoassay based tests for the measurement of 1α,25-dihydroxyvitamin D in human serum and comparison with LC-MS/MS. Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, 55(9):1305-1314.

Jud, Stéphanie; Goede, Jeroen S; Senn, Oliver; Spanaus, Katharina; Manz, Markus G; Benz, Rudolf (2017). sIL2R ratio as early marker for response in hairy cell leukemia and the prognostic relevance of IL28B genotype to interferon-α therapy. Annals of Hematology, 96(5):757-763.

Spanaus, Katharina (2016). CME-Labor 48/Auflösung: Zink - ein wichtiges Spurenelement. Praxis, 105(24):1446-1447.

Wellmann, Sven; Koslowski, Andrea; Spanaus, Katharina; Zimmermann, Roland; Burkhardt, Tilo (2016). Fetal release of copeptin in response to maternal oxytocin administration: a randomized controlled trial. Obstetrics and Gynecology, 128(4):699-703.

Kullak-Ublick, Gerd A; Gubler, Christoph; Spanaus, Katharina; Ismair, Manfred G; Claro da Silva, Tatiana; Jetter, Alexander (2016). No major effects of vitamin D3 (1,25 dihydroxyvitamin D3) on absorption and pharmacokinetics of folic acid and fexofenadine in healthy volunteers. European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 72(7):797-805.

Curcio, Raffaele; Stettler, Helen; Suter, Paolo M; Aksözen, Jasmin Barman; Saleh, Lanja; Spanaus, Katharina; Bochud, Murielle; Minder, Elisabeth; von Eckardstein, Arnold (2016). Reference intervals for 24 laboratory parameters determined in 24-hour urine collections. Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, 54(1):105-116.

Ruecker, Beate; Lang-Muritano, Mariarosaria; Spanaus, Katharina; Welzel, Maik; l'Allemand, Dagmar; Phan-Hug, Franziska; Katschnig, Claudia; Konrad, Daniel; Holterhus, Paul-Martin; Schoenle, Eugen J (2015). The aldosterone/renin ratio as a diagnostic tool for the diagnosis of primary hypoaldosteronism in newborns and infants. Hormone Research in Paediatrics, 84(1):43-48.

Baumann, Philipp; Fouzas, Sotirios; Pramana, Isabelle; Grass, Beate; Niesse, Oliver; Bührer, Christoph; Spanaus, Katharina; Wellmann, Sven (2015). Plasma proendothelin-1 as an early marker of bronchopulmonary dysplasia. Neonatology, 108(4):293-296.

Petzold, Katja; Poster, Diane; Krauer, Fabienne; Spanaus, Katharina; Andreisek, Gustav; Nguyen-Kim, Thi Dan Linh; Pavik, Ivana; Ho, Thien Anh; Serra, Andreas L; Rotar, Laura (2015). Urinary Biomarkers at Early ADPKD Disease Stage. PLoS ONE, 10(4):e0123555.

Spanaus, Katharina (2014). CME-Labor 38 : Katecholamin-bildende Tumoren (Phäochromozytom und funtionelle Paragangliome). Praxis, 103(23):1369-1370.

Zoller, Bernhard; Spanaus, Katharina; Gerster, Rahel; Fasshauer, Mario; Stehberger, Paul A; Klinzing, Stephanie; Vergopoulos, Athanasios; von Eckardstein, Arnold; Béchir, Markus (2014). ICG-liver test versus new biomarkers as prognostic markers for prolonged length of stay in critically ill patients - a prospective study of accuracy for prediction of length of stay in the ICU. Annals of Intensive Care, 4(19):online.

Spanaus, Katharina (2014). CME-Labor 38/Auflösung : Katecholamin-bildende Tumoren (Phäochromozytom und funktionelle Paragangliome). Praxis, 103(24):1479-1482.

Grass, Beate; Baumann, Philipp; Arlettaz, Romaine; Fouzas, Sotirios; Meyer, Philipp; Spanaus, Katharina; Wellmann, Sven (2014). Cardiovascular biomarkers pro-atrial natriuretic peptide and pro-endothelin-1 to monitor ductus arteriosus evolution in very preterm infants. Early Human Development, 90(6):293-298.

Stenner-Liewen, Frank; Liewen, Heike; Cathomas, Richard; Renner, Christoph; Petrausch, Ulf; Sulser, Tullio; Spanaus, Katharina; Seifert, Hans Helge; Strebel, Räto Thomas; Knuth, Alexander; Samaras, Panagiotis; Müntener, Michael (2013). Daily Pomegranate intake has no impact on PSA levels in patients with advanced prostate cancer - Results of a phase IIb randomized controlled trial. Journal of Cancer, 4(7):597-605.

Bouaicha, Samy; Blatter, Samuel; Moor, Beat K; Spanaus, Katharina; Dora, Claudio; Werner, Clément M L (2013). Early serum procalcitonin level after primary total hip replacement. Mediators of Inflammation, 2013:927636.

Spanaus, Katharina (2012). CME-Labor 26. Mikroalbuminurie. Praxis, 101(14):899-900.

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