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Rousset, Francis; Salmon, Patrick; Bredl, Simon; Cherpin, Ophélie; Coelho, Marta; Myburgh, Renier; Alessandrini, Marco; Perny, Michael; Roccio, Marta; Speck, Roberto F; Senn, Pascal; Krause, Karl Heinz (2019). Optimizing Synthetic miRNA Minigene Architecture for Efficient miRNA Hairpin Concatenation and Multi-target Gene Knockdown. Molecular Therapy - Nucleic Acids, 14:351-363.

Schlaepfer, Erika; Fahrny, Audrey; Gruenbach, Maarja; Kuster, Stefan P; Simon, Viviana; Schreiber, Gideon; Speck, Roberto F (2019). Dose-Dependent Differences in HIV Inhibition by Different Interferon Alpha Subtypes While Having Overall Similar Biologic Effects. mSphere, 4(1):e00637-18.

Rochat, Mary-Aude; Schlaepfer, Erika; Kuster, Stefan P; Li, Duo; Audige, Annette; Ivic, Sandra; Fahrny, Audrey; Speck, Roberto F (2018). Monitoring HIV DNA and cellular activation markers in HIV-infected humanized mice under cART. Virology Journal, 15:191.

Brozy, Johannes; Schlaepfer, Erika; Mueller, Christina K S; Rochat, Mary-Aude; Rampini, Silvana K; Myburgh, Renier; Raum, Tobias; Kufer, Peter; Baeuerle, Patrick A; Muenz, Markus; Speck, Roberto F (2018). Antiviral Activity of HIV gp120-Targeting Bispecific T Cell Engager Antibody Constructs. Journal of Virology, 92(14):1-13.

Lysenko, Veronika; McHugh, Donal; Behrmann, Lena; Rochat, Mary-Aude; Wilk, Christian M; Kovtonyuk, Larisa V; Bourquin, Jean-Pierre; Münz, Christian; Manz, Markus G; Speck, Roberto F; Theocharides, Alexandre P (2017). Humanised mouse models for haematopoiesis and infectious diseases. Swiss Medical Weekly, 147:w14516.

Audigé, Annette; Rochat, Mary-Aude; Li, Duo; Ivic, Sandra; Fahrny, Audrey; Muller, Christina K S; Gers-Huber, Gustavo; Myburgh, Renier; Bredl, Simon; Schlaepfer, Erika; Scherrer, Alexandra U; Kuster, Stefan P; Speck, Roberto F (2017). Long-term leukocyte reconstitution in NSG mice transplanted with human cord blood hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells. BMC Immunology, 18(1):28.

Cecchinato, Valentina; Bernasconi, Enos; Speck, Roberto F; Proietti, Michele; Sauermann, Ulrike; D'Agostino, Gianluca; Danelon, Gabriela; Rezzonico Jost, Tanja; Grassi, Fabio; Raeli, Lorenzo; Schöni-Affolter, Franziska; Stahl-Hennig, Christiane; Uguccioni, Mariagrazia; Swiss HIV Cohort Study (2017). Impairment of CCR6+ and CXCR3+ th cell migration in HIV-1 infection is rescued by modulating actin polymerization. Journal of Immunology, 198(1):184-195.

Ivic, Sandra; Rochat, Mary-Aude; Li, Duo; Audigé, Annette; Schlaepfer, Erika; Münz, Christian; Manz, Markus G; Speck, Roberto F (2017). Differential dynamics of HIV infection in humanized MISTRG versus MITRG mice. ImmunoHorizons, 1(8):162-175.

Uchiyama, Satoshi; Keller, Nadia; Schlaepfer, Erika; Grube, Christina; Schuepbach, Reto A; Speck, Roberto F; Zinkernagel, Annelies S (2016). Interferon α-enhanced clearance of group a streptococcus despite neutropenia. Journal of Infectious Diseases, 214(2):321-328.

Thiébaut, Rodolphe; Jarne, Ana; Routy, Jean-Pierre; Sereti, Irini; Fischl, Margaret; Ive, Prudence; Speck, Roberto F; D'Offizi, Gianpiero; Casari, Salvatore; Commenges, Daniel; Foulkes, Sharne; Natarajan, Ven; Croughs, Thérèse; Delfraissy, Jean-François; Tambussi, Guiseppe; Levy, Yves; Lederman, Michael M (2016). Repeated cycles of recombinant human interleukin 7 in HIV-infected patients with low CD4 t-cell reconstitution on antiretroviral therapy: results of 2 phase II multicenter studies. Clinical Infectious Diseases, 62(9):1178-1185.

Rampini, Silvana K; Zbinden, Andrea; Speck, Roberto F; Bloemberg, Guido V (2016). Similar efficacy of broad-range ITS PCR and conventional fungal culture for diagnosing fungal infections in non-immunocompromised patients. BMC Microbiology, 16(1):132.

Li, Duo; Schlaepfer, Erika; Audigé, Annette; Rochat, Mary-Aude; Ivic, Sandra; Knowlton, Caitlin N; Kim, Baek; Keppler, Oliver T; Speck, Roberto F (2015). Vpx mediated degradation of SAMHD1 has only a very limited effect on lentiviral transduction rate in ex vivo cultured HSPCs. Stem Cell Research, 15(2):271-280.

Myburgh, Renier; Ivic, Sandra; Pepper, Michael S; Gers-Huber, Gustavo; Li, Duo; Audigé, Annette; Rochat, Mary-Aude; Jaquet, Vincent; Regenass, Stephan; Manz, Markus G; Salmon, Patrick; Krause, Karl-Heinz; Speck, Roberto F (2015). Lentivector knockdown of CCR5 in hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells confers functional and persistent HIV-1 resistance in humanized mice. Journal of Virology, 89(13):6761-6772.

Campos, Noëlie; Myburgh, Renier; Garcel, Aude; Vautrin, Audrey; Lapasset, Laure; Nadal, Erika Schläpfer; Mahuteau-Betzer, Florence; Najman, Romain; Fornarelli, Pauline; Tantale, Katjana; Basyuk, Eugénia; Séveno, Martial; Venables, Julian P; Pau, Bernard; Bertrand, Edouard; Wainberg, Mark A; Speck, Roberto F; Scherrer, Didier; Tazi, Jamal (2015). Long lasting control of viral rebound with a new drug ABX464 targeting Rev - mediated viral RNA biogenesis. Retrovirology, 12(30):online.

Kovari, Helen; Russmann, Stefan; Ledergerber, Bruno; Müller, Daniel; Rotger, Margalida; Velli, Pablo; Cavassini, Matthias; Ambrosioni, Juan; Bregenzer, Andrea; Stöckle, Marcel; Bernasconi, Enos; Rauch, Andri; Speck, Roberto F; Swiss HIV Cohort Study (2015). Ribavirin concentrations do not predict sustained virological response in HIV/HCV-coinfected patients treated with ribavirin and pegylated interferon in the Swiss HIV Cohort Study. PLoS ONE, 10(7):e0133879.

Rac, Jürgen; Haas, Florian; Schumacher, Andrina; Middeldorp, Jaap M; Delecluse, Henri-Jacques; Speck, Roberto F; Bernasconi, Michele; Nadal, David (2015). Telomerase activity impacts on epstein-barr virus infection of AGS cells. PLoS ONE, 10(4):e0123645.

Büchler, Andrea C; Rampini, Silvana K; Stelling, Simon; Ledergerber, Bruno; Peter, Silke; Schweiger, Alexander; Ruef, Christian; Zbinden, Reinhard; Speck, Roberto F (2014). Antibiotic susceptibility of Clostridium difficile is similar worldwide over two decades despite widespread use of broad-spectrum antibiotics: an analysis done at the University Hospital of Zurich. BMC Infectious Diseases, 14:607.

Schlaepfer, Erika; Rochat, Mary-Aude; Duo, Li; Speck, Roberto F (2014). Triggering TLR2, -3, -4, -5, and -8 reinforces the restrictive nature of M1- and M2-polarized macrophages to HIV. Journal of Virology, 88(17):9769-9781.

Stoliaroff-Pépin, Anna; Speck, Roberto F; Vernazza, Pietro (2014). Prävention von HIV und anderen sexuell übertragbaren Infektionen. Therapeutische Umschau. Revue thérapeutique, 71(8):515-523.

Haas, Florian; Yamauchi, Kazuma; Murat, Monika; Bernasconi, Michele; Yamanaka, Noboru; Speck, Roberto F; Nadal, David (2014). Activation of NF-κB via Endosomal Toll-like Receptor 7 (TLR7)or TLR9 Suppresses Murine Herpes Virus 68 Reactivation. Journal of Virology, 88(17):10002-10012.

Haas, Florian; Yamauchi, Kazuma; Murat, Monika; Bernasconi, Michele; Yamanaka, Noboru; Speck, Roberto F; Nadal, David (2014). Activation of NF-kappa B via endosomal toll-like receptor 7 (TLR7) or TLR9 suppresses murine herpesvirus 68 reactivation. Journal of Virology, 88(17):10002-10012.

Speck, Roberto F (2014). Anti-retroviral Treatment Testing in HIV-infected Humanized Mice. In: Poluektova, Larisa; Garcia-Martinez, Victor; Koyanagi, Yoshio; Manz, Markus G; Tager, Andrew. Humanized Mice for HIV Research. s.n.: Springer, n/a.

Schüpbach, Jörg; Berger, Christoph; Böni, Jürg; Speck, Roberto F (2014). HIV-Diagnostik in der Schweiz und ärztlicher Abklärungsgang von HIV-Infizierten. Therapeutische Umschau. Revue thérapeutique, 71(8):451-460.

Myburgh, Renier; Cherpin, Ophélie; Schlaepfer, Erika; Rehrauer, Hubert; Speck, Roberto F; Krause, Karl-Heinz; Salmon, Patrick (2014). Optimization of critical hairpin features allows miRNA-based gene knockdown upon single-copy transduction. Molecular Therapy - Nucleic Acids, 3:e207.

Bernasconi, Michele; Ueda, Seigo; Krukowski, Patricia; Bornhauser, Beat C; Ladell, Kristin; Dorner, Marcus; Sigrist, Juerg A; Campidelli, Cristina; Aslandogmus, Roberta; Alessi, Davide; Berger, Christoph; Pileri, Stefano A; Speck, Roberto F; Nadal, David (2013). Early gene expression changes by Epstein-Barr virus infection of B-cells indicate CDKs and survivin as therapeutic targets for post-transplant lymphoproliferative diseases. International Journal of Cancer, 133(10):2341-2350.

Nischang, Marc; Sutmuller, Roger; Gers-Huber, Gustavo; Audigé, Annette; Li, Duo; Rochat, Mary-Aude; Baenziger, Stefan; Hofer, Ursula; Schlaepfer, Erika; Regenass, Stephan; Amssoms, Katie; Stoops, Bart; Van Cauwenberge, Anja; Boden, Daniel; Kraus, Guenter; Speck, Roberto F (2012). Humanized mice recapitulate key features of HIV-1 infection: a novel concept using long-acting anti-retroviral drugs for treating HIV-1. PLoS ONE, 7(6):e38853.

Audigé, Annette; Hofer, Ursula; Dittmer, Ulf; van den Broek, Maries; Speck, Roberto F (2011). Evaluation of the immunomodulatory and antiviral effects of the cytokine combination IFN-α and IL-7 in the lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus and Friend retrovirus mouse infection models. Viral Immunology, 24(5):375-85.

Bochud, Pierre-Yves; Hersberger, Martin; Taffé, Patrick; Bochud, Murielle; Stein, Catherine M; Rodrigues, Stephanie D; Calandra, Thierry; Francioli, Patrick; Telenti, Amalio; Speck, Roberto F; Aderem, Alan (2007). Polymorphisms in Toll-like receptor 9 influence the clinical course of HIV-1 infection. AIDS, 21(4):441-446.

Kronenberg, Andreas; Schüpbach, Reto; Schuknecht, Bernhard; Bossart, Walter; Weber, Rainer; Gilden, Donald H; Speck, Roberto F (2002). Multifocal vasculopathy due to Varicella-Zoster Virus (VZV): serial analysis of VZV DNA and intrathecal synthesis of VZV antibody in cerebrospinal fluid. Clinical infectious diseases : an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, 35(3):330-333.

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