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Böhme, Tanja; Medinger, Michael; Suenderhauf, Claudia; Speer, Oliver; Schmugge, Markus; Passweg, Jakob; Bachofner, Adrian (2018). Severe anemia after trans-catheter arterial chemoembolization-an unusual presentation of hemoglobin Zurich. Annals of Hematology, 97(11):2249-2251.

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Vavassori, Stefano; Galson, Jacob D; Trück, Johannes; van den Berg, Anke; Tamminga, Rienk Y J; Magerus-Chatinet, Aude; Pellé, Olivier; Camenisch Gross, Ulrike; Marques Maggio, Ewerton; Prader, Seraina; Opitz, Lennart; Nüesch, Ursina; Mauracher, Andrea A; Volkmer, Benjamin; Speer, Oliver; Suda, Luzia; Röthlisberger, Benno; Zimmermann, Dieter Robert; Müller, Rouven; Diepstra, Arjan; Visser, Lydia; Haralambieva, Eugenia; Neven, Benedicte; Rieux-Laucat, Frédéric; Pachlopnik Schmid, Jana (2017). Lymphadenopathy driven by TCR-Vγ8Vδ1 T-cell expansion in FAS-related autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome. Blood advances, 1(15):1101-1106.

Karow, Axel; Eekels, Julia J M; Zurbriggen, Karin; Schmid, Marlis; Schmugge, Markus; Speer, Oliver (2015). Hb G-Waimanalo [A1] [α64(E13)Asp→Asn; HBA1: c.193 G > A] with Decreased Oxygen Affinity. Hemoglobin, 39(6):432-434.

Schmugge, Markus; Speer, Oliver; Kroiss, Sabine; Knirsch, Walter; Kretschmar, Oliver; Rand, Margaret L; Albisetti, Manuela (2015). Monitoring aspirin therapy in children after interventional cardiac catheterization: laboratory measures, dose response, and clinical outcomes. European Journal of Pediatrics, 174(7):933-941.

Azzouzi, Imane; Moest, Hansjoerg; Wollscheid, Bernd; Schmugge, Markus; Eekels, Julia J M; Speer, Oliver (2015). Deep sequencing and proteomic analysis of the microRNA-induced silencing complex in human red blood cells. Experimental Hematology, 43(5):382-392.

Hanggi, Pascal; Telezhkin, Vsevolod; Kemp, Paul J; Schmugge, Markus; Gassmann, Max; Goede, Jeroen S; Speer, Oliver; Bogdanova, Anna (2015). Functional plasticity of the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor in differentiating human erythroid precursor cells. American journal of Physiology. Cell physiology, 308(12):C993-C1007.

Hänggi, Pascal; Makhro, Asya; Gassmann, Max; Schmugge, Markus; Goede, Jeroen S; Speer, Oliver; Bogdanova, Anna (2014). Red blood cells of sickle cell disease patients exhibit abnormally high abundance of N-methyl D-aspartate receptors mediating excessive calcium uptake. British Journal of Haematology, 167(2):252-264.

Makhro, Asya; Hänggi, Pascal; Goede, Jeroen S; Wang, Jue; Brüggemann, Andrea; Gassmann, Max; Schmugge, Markus; Kaestner, Lars; Speer, Oliver; Bogdanova, Anna (2013). N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors in human erythroid precursor cells and in circulating red blood cells contribute to the intracellular calcium regulation. American journal of Physiology. Cell physiology, 305(11):C1123-C1138.

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