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O'Malley, William; Rubbiani, Riccardo; Aulsebrook, Margaret; Grace, Michael; Spiccia, Leone; Tuck, Kellie; Gasser, Gilles; Graham, Bim (2016). Cellular Uptake and Photo-Cytotoxicity of a Gadolinium(III)-DOTA-Naphthalimide Complex “Clicked” to a Lipidated Tat Peptide. Molecules, 21(2):194.

O'Malley, William I; Abdelkader, Elwy H; Aulsebrook, Margaret L; Rubbiani, Riccardo; Loh, Choy-Theng; Grace, Michael R; Spiccia, Leone; Gasser, Gilles; Otting, Gottfried; Tuck, Kellie L; Graham, Bim (2016). Luminescent Alkyne-Bearing Terbium(III) Complexes and Their Application to Bioorthogonal Protein Labeling. Inorganic Chemistry, 55(4):1674-1682.

Frei, Angelo; Rubbiani, Riccardo; Tubafard, Solmaz; Blacque, Olivier; Anstätt, Philipp; Felgenträger, Ariane; Maisch, Tim; Spiccia, Leone; Gasser, Gilles (2014). Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Evaluation of New Ru(II) Polypyridyl Photosensitizers for Photodynamic Therapy. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 57(17):7280-7292.

Joshi, Tanmaya; Patra, Malay; Spiccia, Leone; Gasser, Gilles (2013). Di-Heterometalation of Thiol-Functionalized Peptide Nucleic Acids. Artificial DNA, 4(1):11-18.

Joshi, Tanmaya; Gasser, Gilles; Martin, Lisandra L; Spiccia, Leone (2012). Specific uptake and interactions of peptide nucleic acid derivatives with biomimetic membranes. RSC Advances, 2:4703-4712.

Joshi, Tanmaya; Barbante, Gregory J; Francis, Paul S; Hogan, Conor F; Bond, Alan M; Gasser, Gilles; Spiccia, Leone (2012). Electrochemiluminescent monomers for solid support syntheses of Ru(II) PNA bioconjugates - multimodal biosensing tools with enhanced duplex stability. Inorganic chemistry, 51:3302-3315.

Pierroz, Vanessa; Joshi, Tanmaya; Leonidova, Anna; Mari, Cristina; Schur, Julia; Ott, Ingo; Spiccia, Leone; Ferrari, Stefano; Gasser, Gilles (2012). Molecular and cellular characterization of the biological effects of ruthenium(II) complexes incorporating 2-Pyridyl-2-Pyrimidine-4-Carboxylic acid. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 134(50):20376-20387.

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