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Bischoff-Ferrari, H A; Orav, J E; Kanis, J A; Rizzoli, R; Schlögl, M; Staehelin, H B; Willett, W C; Dawson-Hughes, B (2015). Comparative performance of current definitions of sarcopenia against the prospective incidence of falls among community-dwelling seniors age 65 and older. Osteoporosis International, 26(12):2793-2802.

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Maier, S; Sidelnikov, E; Dawson-Hughes, B; Egli, A; Theiler, R; Platz, A; Staehelin, H B; Simmen, H P; Meier, C; Dick, W; Grob, D; von Eckardstein, A; Bischoff-Ferrari, H A (2013). Before and after hip fracture, vitamin D deficiency may not be treated sufficiently. Osteoporosis International, 24(11):2765-2773.

Schaller, F; Sidelnikov, E; Theiler, R; Egli, A; Staehelin, H B; Dick, W; Dawson-Hughes, B; Grob, D; Platz, A; Can, U; Bischoff-Ferrari, H A (2012). Mild to moderate cognitive impairment is a major risk factor for mortality and nursing home admission in the first year after hip fracture. Bone, 51(3):347-352.

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Bischoff-Ferrari, H A; Staehelin, H B; Conzelmann, M; Grob, D (2010). Vitamin-D-Supplementation als einfache Basismassnahme zur Sturz- und Knochenbruchprävention ab 65. Für wen, wie viel und wie? Swiss Medical Forum, 10(51-52):907-909.

Bischoff-Ferrari, H A; Dawson-Hughes, B; Staehelin, H B; Orav, J E; Stuck, A E; Theiler, R; Wong, J B; Egli, A; Kiel, D P; Henschkowski, J (2009). Fall prevention with supplemental and active forms of vitamin D: a meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials. BMJ : British medical journal, 339:b3692.

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Papassotiropoulos, A; Tsolaki, M; Wollmer, M A; Molyva, D; Thal, D R; Huynh, K D; Tracy, J; Staehelin, H B; Monsch, A U; Nitsch, R M; Hock, C (2005). No association of a non-synonymous PLAU polymorphism with Alzheimer's disease and disease-related traits. American Journal of Medical Genetics. Part B, 132B(1):21-23.

Staehelin, H B; Bruppacher, R; Scholer, A; Gutzwiller, Felix; Junod, Bernard (1982). High density lipoprotein and health: behaviour in urban Swiss populations. In: Noseda, Giorgio; Fragiacomo, C; Fumagalli, R; Paoletti, R. Lipoproteins and coronary atherosclerosis : proceedings of the international symposium. Amsterdam: Elsevier, 25-32.

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