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Matsui, Fumihiko; Ota, Hiroshi; Sugita, Kenji; Muntwiler, Matthias; Stania, Roland; Greber, Thomas (2018). Parallel and antiparallel angular momentum transfer of circularly polarized light to photoelectrons and Auger electrons at the Ni L3 absorption threshold. Physical review. B, 97(3):035424.

Muntwiler, Matthias; Zhang, Jun; Stania, Roland; Matsui, Fumihiko; Oberta, Peter; Flechsig, Uwe; Patthey, Luc; Quitmann, Christoph; Glatzel, Thilo; Widmer, Roland; Meyer, Ernst; Jung, Thomas A; Aebi, Philipp; Fasel, Roman; Greber, Thomas (2017). Surface science at the PEARL beamline of the swiss light source. Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, 24(1):354-366.

Kostanyan, Aram; Westerström, Rasmus; Zhang, Yang; Kunhardt, David; Stania, Roland; Büchner, Bernd; Popov, Alexey A; Greber, Thomas (2017). Switching molecular conformation with the torque on a single magnetic moment. Physical Review Letters, 119(23):237202.

Stania, Roland. Nanotemplates and Conformations of Tri-Metal Endofullerenes on Surfaces. 2016, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.

Matsui, Fumihiko; Maejima, Naoyuki; Matsui, Hirosuke; Nishikawa, Hiroaki; Daimon, Hiroshi; Matsushita, Tomohiro; Muntwiler, Matthias; Stania, Roland; Greber, Thomas (2015). Circular dichroism in cu resonant auger electron diffraction. Zeitschrift fuer Physikalische Chemie, 230(4):519-535.

Westerström, Rasmus; Uldry, Anne-Christine; Stania, Roland; Dreiser, Jan; Piamonteze, Cinthia; Muntwiler, Matthias; Matsui, Fumihiko; Rusponi, Stefano; Brune, Harald; Yang, Shangfeng; Popov, Alexey; Büchner, Bernd; Delley, Bernard; Greber, Thomas (2015). Surface Aligned Magnetic Moments and Hysteresis of an Endohedral Single-Molecule Magnet on a Metal. Physical Review Letters, 114(8):087201.

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