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Stein, Sokrates; Matter, Christian M (2017). Protective role of the co-stimulator CD27 receptor and regulatory T cells in early atherogenesis. European Heart Journal, 38(48):3600-3602.

Item, Flurin; Wueest, Stephan; Lemos, Vera; Stein, Sokrates; Lucchini, Fabrizio C; Denzler, Rémy; Fisser, Muriel C; Challa, Tenagne D; Pirinen, Eija; Kim, Youngsoo; Hemmi, Silvio; Gulbins, Erich; Gross, Atan; O'Reilly, Lorraine A; Stoffel, Markus; Auwerx, Johan; Konrad, Daniel (2017). Fas cell surface death receptor controls hepatic lipid metabolism by regulating mitochondrial function. Nature Communications, 8:480.

Stein, Sokrates; Lemos, Vera; Xu, Pan; Demagny, Hadrien; Wang, Xu; Ryu, Dongryeol; Jimenez, Veronica; Bosch, Fatima; Lüscher, Thomas F; Oosterveer, Maaike H; Schoonjans, Kristina (2017). Impaired SUMOylation of nuclear receptor LRH-1 promotes nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Journal of Clinical Investigation, 127(2):583-592.

Stein, Sokrates; Matter, Christian M (2016). CardioPulse: Translational research in cardiovascular disease. European Heart Journal, 37(14):1091-1092.

Miranda, Melroy X; van Tits, Lambertus J; Lohmann, Christine; Arsiwala, Tasneem; Winnik, Stephan; Tailleux, Anne; Stein, Sokrates; Gomes, Ana P; Suri, Vipin; Ellis, James L; Lutz, Thomas A; Hottiger, Michael O; Sinclair, David A; Auwerx, Johan; Schoonjans, Kristina; Staels, Bart; Lüscher, Thomas F; Matter, Christian M (2015). The Sirt1 activator SRT3025 provides atheroprotection in Apoe-/- mice by reducing hepatic Pcsk9 secretion and enhancing Ldlr expression. European Heart Journal, 36(1):51-59.

Ryu, Dongryeol; Jo, Young Suk; Lo Sasso, Giuseppe; Stein, Sokrates; Zhang, Hongbo; Perino, Alessia; Lee, Jung Uee; Zeviani, Massimo; Romand, Raymond; Hottiger, Michael O; Schoonjans, Kristina; Auwerx, Johan (2014). A SIRT7-dependent acetylation switch of GABPβ1 controls mitochondrial function. Cell Metabolism, 20(5):856-869.

Akhmedov, Alexander; Rozenberg, Izabela; Paneni, Francesco; Camici, Giovanni G; Shi, Yi; Doerries, Carola; Sledzinska, Anna; Mocharla, Pavani; Breitenstein, Alexander; Lohmann, Christine; Stein, Sokrates; von Lukowicz, Tobias; Kurrer, Michael O; Borén, Jan; Becher, Burkhard; Tanner, Felix C; Landmesser, Ulf; Matter, Christian M; Lüscher, Thomas F (2014). Endothelial overexpression of LOX-1 increases plaque formation and promotes atherosclerosis in vivo. European Heart Journal, 35(40):2839-2848.

Winnik, Stephan; Stein, Sokrates; Matter, Christian M (2012). SIRT1 - an anti-inflammatory pathway at the crossroads between metabolic disease and atherosclerosis. Current Vascular Pharmacology, 10(6):693-696.

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