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Huber, A M; Hornung, J; Plontke, S; Röösli, C; Iro, H; Strutz, J; Rahne, T; Pezier, T F; Kwok, P (2013). NiTiBOND, eine optimierte Steigbügelprothese zur chirurgischen Behandlung der Otosklerose. Laryngo- Rhino- Otologie, 93(03):178-185.

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Laszig, R; Aschendorff, A; Stecker, M; Müller-Deile, J; Maune, S; Dillier, N; Weber, B; Hey, M; Begall, K; Lenarz, T; Battmer, R-D; Böhm, M; Steffens, T; Strutz, J; Linder, T; Probst, R; Allum, J; Westhofen, M; Doering, W (2004). Benefits of bilateral electrical stimulation with the nucleus cochlear implant in adults: 6-month postoperative results. Otology and Neurotology, 25(6):958-968.

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