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Piwko, Wojciech; Mlejnkova, Lucie J; Mutreja, Karun; Ranjha, Lepakshi; Stafa, Diana; Smirnov, Alexander; Brodersen, Mia Ml; Zellweger, Ralph; Sturzenegger, Andreas; Janscak, Pavel; Lopes, Massimo; Peter, Matthias; Cejka, Petr (2016). The MMS22L-TONSL heterodimer directly promotes RAD51-dependent recombination upon replication stress. EMBO Journal Online, 35:2584-2601.

Sturzenegger, Andreas. Study of Mechanisms of Homologous Recombination in Mammalian Cells. 2016, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.

Burdova, Kamila; Mihaljevic, Boris; Sturzenegger, Andreas; Chappidi, Nagaraja; Janscak, Pavel (2015). The Mismatch-Binding Factor MutSĪ² Can Mediate ATR Activation in Response to DNA Double-Strand Breaks. Molecular Cell, 59(4):603-614.

Sturzenegger, Andreas; Burdova, Kamila; Kanagaraj, Radhakrishnan; Levikova, Maryna; Pinto, Cosimo; Cejka, Petr; Janscak, Pavel (2014). DNA2 cooperates with the WRN and BLM RecQ helicases to mediate long-range DNA-end resection in human cells. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 289(39):27314-27326.

Paliwal, Shreya; Kanagaraj, Radhakrishnan; Sturzenegger, Andreas; Burdova, Kamila; Janscak, Pavel (2014). Human RECQ5 helicase promotes repair of DNA double-strand breaks by synthesis-dependent strand annealing. Nucleic Acids Research, 42(4):2380-2390.

Chatterjee, Sujoy; Zagelbaum, Jennifer; Savitsky, Pavel; Sturzenegger, Andreas; Huttner, Diana; Janscak, Pavel; Hickson, Ian D; Gileadi, Opher; Rothenberg, Eli (2014). Mechanistic insight into the interaction of BLM helicase with intra-strand G-quadruplex structures. Nature Communications, 5:5556.

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