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Eberle, Patric; Höller, Christian; Müller, Philipp; Suomalainen, Maarit; Greber, Urs F; Eghlidi, Hadi; Poulikakos, Dimos (2018). Single entity resolution valving of nanoscopic species in liquids. Nature Nanotechnology, 13(7):578-582.

Stichling, Nicole; Suomalainen, Maarit; Flatt, Justin W; Schmid, Markus; Pacesa, Martin; Hemmi, Silvio; Jungraithmayr, Wolfgang; Maler, Mareike D; Freudenberg, Marina A; Plückthun, Andreas; May, Tobias; Köster, Mario; Fejer, György; Greber, Urs F (2018). Lung macrophage scavenger receptor SR-A6 (MARCO) is an adenovirus type-specific virus entry receptor. PLoS Pathogens, 14(3):e1006914.

Schmid, Markus; Ernst, Patrick; Honegger, Annemarie; Suomalainen, Maarit; Zimmermann, Martina; Braun, Lukas; Stauffer, Sarah; Thom, Cristian; Dreier, Birgit; Eibauer, Matthias; Kipar, Anja; Vogel, Viola; Greber, Urs F; Medalia, Ohad; Plückthun, Andreas (2018). Adenoviral vector with shield and adapter increases tumor specificity and escapes liver and immune control. Nature Communications, 9(1):450.

Maler, Mareike D; Nielsen, Peter J; Stichling, Nicole; Cohen, Idan; Ruzsics, Zsolt; Wood, Connor; Engelhard, Peggy; Suomalainen, Maarit; Gyory, Ildiko; Huber, Michael; Müller-Quernheim, Joachim; Schamel, Wolfgang W A; Gordon, Siamon; Jakob, Thilo; Martin, Stefan F; Jahnen-Dechent, Willi; Greber, Urs F; Freudenberg, Marina A; Fejer, György (2017). Key role of the scavenger receptor MARCO in mediating adenovirus infection and subsequent innate responses of macrophages. mBio, 8(4):e00670-17.

Ostapchuk, Philomena; Suomalainen, Maarit; Zheng, Yueting; Boucke, Karin; Greber, Urs F; Hearing, Patrick (2017). The adenovirus major core protein VII is dispensable for virion assembly but is essential for lytic infection. PLoS Pathogens, 13(6):e1006455.

Prasad, Vibhu; Suomalainen, Maarit; Hemmi, Silvio; Greber, Urs F (2017). Cell Cycle-Dependent Kinase Cdk9 Is a Postexposure Drug Target against Human Adenoviruses. ACS Infectious Diseases, 3(6):398-405.

Luisoni, Stefania; Bauer, Michael; Prasad, Vibhu; Boucke, Karin; Papadopoulos, Chrisovalantis; Meyer, Hemmo; Hemmi, Silvio; Suomalainen, Maarit; Greber, Urs F (2016). Endosomophagy clears disrupted early endosomes but not virus particles during virus entry into cells. Matters:online.

Ortega-Esteban, Alvaro; Bodensiek, Kai; San Martín, Carmen; Suomalainen, Maarit; Greber, Urs F; de Pablo, Pedro J; Schaap, Iwan A T (2015). Fluorescence Tracking of Genome Release during the Mechanical Unpacking of Single Viruses. ACS Nano:1-28.

Luisoni, Stefania; Suomalainen, Maarit; Boucke, Karin; Tanner, Lukas B; Wenk, Markus R; Guan, Xue Li; Grzybek, Michał; Coskun, Ünal; Greber, Urs F (2015). Co-option of membrane wounding enables virus penetration into cells. Cell Host & Microbe, 18(1):75-85.

Yakimovich, Artur; Andriasyan, Vardan; Witte, Robert; Wang, I-Hsuan; Prasad, Vibhu; Suomalainen, Maarit; Greber, Urs F (2015). Plaque2.0-A high-throughput analysis framework to score virus-cell transmission and clonal cell expansion. PLoS ONE, 10(9):e0138760.

Prasad, Vibhu; Suomalainen, Maarit; Pennauer, Mirjam; Yakimovich, Artur; Andriasyan, Vardan; Hemmi, Silvio; Greber, Urs F (2014). Chemical induction of unfolded protein response enhances cancer cell killing through lytic virus infection. Journal of Virology, 88(22):13086-13098.

Wang, I-Hsuan; Suomalainen, Maarit; Andriasyan, Vardan; Kilcher, Samuel; Mercer, Jason; Neef, Anne; Luedtke, Nathan W; Greber, Urs F (2013). Tracking viral genomes in host cells at single-molecule resolution. Cell Host & Microbe, 14(4):468-480.

Suomalainen, Maarit; Luisoni, Stefania; Boucke, Karin; Bianchi, Sarah; Engel, Daniel A; Greber, Urs F (2013). A direct and versatile assay measuring membrane penetration of adenovirus in single cells. Journal of Virology, (01833):13.

Suomalainen, Maarit; Greber, Urs F (2013). Uncoating of non-enveloped viruses. Current Opinion in Virology, (12):192-197.

Graziano, Vito; McGrath, William J; Suomalainen, Maarit; Greber, Urs F; Freimuth, Paul; Blainey, Paul C; Luo, Guobin; Xie, X Sunney; Mangel, Walter F (2013). Regulation of a viral proteinase by a peptide and DNA in one-dimensional space. I. binding to DNA and to hexon of the precursor to protein VI, pVI, of human adenovirus. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 288(3):2059-2067.

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