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Bergamini, Giorgio; Mechtersheimer, Jonas; Azzinnari, Damiano; Sigrist, Hannes; Buerge, Michaela; Dallmann, Robert; Freije, Robert; Kouraki, Afroditi; Opacka-Juffry, Jolanta; Seifritz, Erich; Ferger, Boris; Suter, Tobias; Pryce, Christopher R (2018). Chronic social stress induces peripheral and central immune activation, blunted mesolimbic dopamine function, and reduced reward-directed behaviour in mice. Neurobiology of Stress, 8:42-56.

Habbas, Samia; Santello, Mirko; Becker, Denise; Stubbe, Hiltrud; Zappia, Giovanna; Liaudet, Nicolas; Klaus, Federica R; Kollias, George; Fontana, Adriano; Pryce, Christopher R; Suter, Tobias; Volterra, Andrea (2015). Neuroinflammatory TNFα Impairs Memory via Astrocyte Signaling. Cell, 163(7):1730-1741.

Späni, Claudia; Suter, Tobias; Derungs, Rebecca; Ferretti, Maria Teresa; Welt, Tobias; Wirth, Fabian; Gericke, Christoph; Nitsch, Roger M; Kulic, Luka (2015). Reduced β-amyloid pathology in an APP transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer's disease lacking functional B and T cells. Acta Neuropathologica Communications, 3:71.

Dubrot, Juan; Duraes, Fernanda V; Potin, Lambert; Capotosti, Francesca; Brighouse, Dale; Suter, Tobias; LeibundGut-Landmann, Salomé; Garbi, Natalio; Reith, Walter; Swartz, Melody A; Hugues, Stéphanie (2014). Lymph node stromal cells acquire peptide–MHCII complexes from dendritic cells and induce antigen-specific CD4+T cell tolerance. Journal of Experimental Medicine, 211(6):1153-1166.

Schlitzer, Andreas; Heiseke, Alexander F; Einwächter, Henrik; Reindl, Wolfgang; Schiemann, Matthias; Manta, Calin-Petru; See, Peter; Niess, Jan-Hendrik; Suter, Tobias; Ginhoux, Florent; Krug, Anne B (2012). Tissue-specific differentiation of a circulating CCR9- pDC-like common dendritic cell precursor. Blood, 119(25):6063-6071.

LeibundGut-Landmann, Salomé; Waldburger, Jean-Marc; Krawczyk, Michal; Otten, Luc A; Suter, Tobias; Fontana, Adriano; Acha-Orbea, Hans; Reith, Walter (2004). Mini-review: Specificity and expression of CIITA, the master regulator of MHC class II genes. European Journal of Immunology, 34(6):1513-1525.

LeibundGut-Landmann, Salomé; Mühlethaler-Mottet, Annick; Bernasconi, Luca; Suter, Tobias; Waldburger, Jean-Marc; Masternak, Krzysztof; Arrighi, Jean-François; Hauser, Conrad; Fontana, Adriano; Reith, Walter (2001). Maturation of dendritic cells is accompanied by rapid transcriptional silencing of class II transactivator (Ciita) expression. Journal of Experimental Medicine, 194(4):379-391.

Lechner, Franziska; Sahrbacher, Ulrike; Suter, Tobias; Frei, Karl; Brockhaus, Manfred; Koedel, Uwe; Fontana, Adriano (2000). Antibodies to the Junctional Adhesion Molecule Cause Disruption of Endothelial Cells and Do Not Prevent Leukocyte Influx into the Meninges after Viral or Bacterial Infection. Journal of Infectious Diseases, 182(3):978-982.

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