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Sylvester, Steven P; Soreng, Robert J; Peterson, Paul M; D P V Sylvester, Mitsy (2016). An updated checklist and key to the open-panicled species of Poa L. (Poaceae) in Peru including three new species, Poa ramoniana, Poa tayacajaensis, and Poa urubambensis. PhytoKeys, 65:57-90.

Sylvester, Steven P; Quandt, Dietmar; Ammann, Lolita; Kessler, Michael (2016). The world's smallest Campanulaceae: Lysipomia mitsyae sp. nov. Taxon, 65(2):305-314.

Pfanzelt, Simon; Sylvester, Steven P; Ammann, Lolita; Sylvester, Mitsy D P V (2015). Gentianella viridiflora (Gentianaceae), a new species from the Peruvian Andes. Phytotaxa, 222(4):283-289.

Kessler, Michael; Toivonen, Johanna M; Sylvester, Steven P; Kluge, Jürgen; Hertel, Dietrich (2014). Elevational patterns of Polylepis tree height (Rosaceae) in the high Andes of Peru: role of human impact and climatic conditions. Frontiers in Plant Science:5:194.

Heitkamp, Felix; Sylvester, Steven P; Kessler, Michael; Sylvester, Mitsy D P V; Jungkunst, Hermann F (2014). Inaccessible Andean sites reveal human-induced weathering in grazed soils. Progress in Physical Geography, 38(5):576-601.

Sylvester, Steven P; Sylvester, Mitsy D P V; Kessler, Michael (2014). Inaccessible ledges as refuges for the natural vegetation of the high Andes. Journal of Vegetation Science, 25(5):1225-1234.

Sylvester, Steven P; Sylvester, Mitsy D P V; Kessler, Michael (2014). The world’s highest vascular epiphytes found in the Peruvian Andes. Alpine Botany, 124(2):179-185.

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