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Blaes, J; Weiler, M; Sahm, F; Hentschel, B; Osswald, M; Czabanka, M; Thomé, C M; Schliesser, M G; Pusch, S; Luger, S; Winkler, F; Radbruch, A; Jugold, M; Simon, M; Steinbach, J P; Schackert, G; Tatagiba, M; Westphal, M; Tonn, J C; Gramatzki, D; Pietsch, T; Hartmann, C; Glimm, H; Vajkoczy, P; von Deimling, A; Platten, M; Weller, M; Wick, W (2014). NDRG1 prognosticates the natural course of disease in WHO grade II glioma. Journal of Neuro-Oncology, 117(1):25-32.

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