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Gerstenberg, M; Theodoridou, A; Traber-Walker, N; Franscini, M; Wotruba, D; Metzler, S; Müller, M; Dvorsky, D; Correll, C U; Walitza, S; Rössler, W; Heekeren, K (2016). Adolescents and adults at clinical high-risk for psychosis: age-related differences in attenuated positive symptoms syndrome prevalence and entanglement with basic symptoms. Psychological Medicine, 46(05):1069-1078.

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Wotruba, D; Michels, Lars; Buechler, R; Metzler, S; Theodoridou, A; Gerstenberg, M; Walitza, S; Kollias, S; Rossler, W; Heekeren, K (2014). Aberrant coupling within and across the default mode, task-positive, and salience network in subjects at risk for psychosis. Schizophrenia Bulletin, 40(5):1095-1104.

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