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Fox, Mark; Thumshirn, Miriam; Frühauf, Heiko; Fried, Michael; Schwizer, Werner (2011). Determinants of fecal continence in healthy, continent subjects: a comprehensive analysis by anal manometry, rectal barostat and a stool substitute retention test. Digestion, 83(1-2):46-53.

Fruehauf, Heiko; Steingoetter, Andreas; Fox, Mark; Kwiatek, Monika A; Boesiger, Peter; Schwizer, Werner; Fried, Michael; Thumshirn, Miriam; Goetze, Oliver (2009). Characterization of gastric volume responses and liquid emptying in functional dyspepsia and health by MRI or barostat and simultaneous C-acetate breath test. Neurogastroenterology and Motility, 21:697-e39.

Goetze, Oliver; Fruehauf, Heiko; Pohl, Daniel; Giarrè, Marianna; Rochat, Florence; Ornstein, Kurt; Menne, Dieter; Fried, Michael; Thumshirn, Miriam (2008). Effect of a prebiotic mixture on intestinal comfort and general wellbeing in health. The British Journal of Nutrition, 100(5):1077-1085.

Goetze, Oliver; Steingoetter, Andreas; Menne, Dieter; van der Voort, Ivo R; Kwiatek, Monika A; Boesiger, Peter; Weishaupt, Dominik; Thumshirn, Miriam; Fried, Michael; Schwizer, Werner (2007). The effect of macronutrients on gastric volume responses and gastric emptying in humans: A magnetic resonance imaging study. American Journal Of Physiology. Gastrointestinal And Liver Physiology, 292(1):G11-G17.

Kwiatek, Monika A; Steingoetter, Andreas; Pal, Anupam; Menne, Dieter; Brasseur, James G; Hebbard, Geoffrey S; Boesiger, Peter; Thumshirn, Miriam; Fried, Michael; Schwizer, Werner (2006). Quantification of distal antral contractile motility in healthy human stomach with magnetic resonance imaging. Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 24(5):1101-1109.

Steingoetter, Andreas; Weishaupt, Dominik; Kunz, Patrick; Mäder, Karsten; Lengsfeld, Hans; Thumshirn, Miriam; Boesiger, Peter; Fried, Michael; Schwizer, Werner (2003). Magnetic resonance imaging for the in vivo evaluation of gastric-retentive tablets. Pharmaceutical Research, 20(12):2001-2007.

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