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Halvachizadeh, Sascha; Teuber, Henrik; Allemann, Florin; Luidl, Anna Theresa; von Känel, Roland; Zelle, Boris; Tiziani, Simon; Rauen, Katrin; Pape, Hans-Christoph; Pfeifer, Roman (2019). Psychiatric outcome at least 20 years after trauma: A survey on the status of subjective general health and psychiatric symptoms with a focus on posttraumatic stress disorder. Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, 86(6):1027-1032.

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Scherer, Julian; Tiziani, Simon; Sprengel, Kai; Pape, Hans-Christoph; Osterhoff, Georg (2018). Subcutaneous internal anterior fixation of pelvis fractures-which configuration of the InFix is clinically optimal?-a retrospective study. International orthopaedics:Epub ahead of print.

Tiziani, Simon; Dienstknecht, Thomas; Osterhoff, Georg; Hand, Thomas L; Teuben, Michel; Werner, Clément M L; Pape, Hans-Christoph (2018). Standards for external fixation application: national survey under the auspices of the German Trauma Society. International orthopaedics:Epub ahead of print.

Teuber, Henrik; Tiziani, Simon; Halvachizadeh, Sascha; Frey, Diana; Sprengel, Kai; Pape, Hans-Christoph; Osterhoff, Georg (2018). Single-level vertebral kyphoplasty is not associated with an increased risk of symptomatic secondary adjacent osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures: a matched case-control analysis. Archives of Osteoporosis, 13(1):82.

Tiziani, Simon; Pape, Hans-Christoph (2018). Korrekturosteo­synthese mittels intramedullären Kraftträgers. Swiss Medical Forum, 18(2829):594-597.

Mandelli, Filippo; Tiziani, Simon; Schmitt, Jürgen; Werner, Clément M L; Simmen, Hans-Peter; Osterhoff, Georg (2018). Medial Acetabular Wall Breach in Total Hip Arthroplasty - Is Full-Weight Bearing Possible? Orthopaedics & Traumatology, Surgery & Research (OTSR), 104(5):675-679.

Tiziani, Simon; Pape, Hans-Christoph (2018). Medical Writing: Systematic Reviews and Meta-analyses. In: Mauffrey, Cyril; Scarlat, Marius. Medical Writing and Research Methodology for the Orthopaedic Surgeon. Schweiz: Springer, 29-34.

Pape, Hans-Christoph; Tiziani, Simon (2018). Technical Errors and Bail-Out Strategies in Orthopedic Trauma Surgery. In: Stahel, Philip F. Surgical Patient Safety : A Case-Based Approach. USA: McGraw-Hill Education, 121-126.

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Osterhoff, Georg; Tiziani, Simon; Ferguson, Stephen J; Spreiter, Gregor; Scheyerer, Max J; Spinas, Gian-Leza; Wanner, Guido A; Simmen, Hans-Peter; Werner, Clément M L (2014). Mechanical testing of a device for subcutaneous internal anterior pelvic ring fixation versus external pelvic ring fixation. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, 15:111.

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Tiziani, Simon; Osterhoff, Georg; Ferguson, Stephen J; Spreiter, Gregor; Scheyerer, Max J; Spinas, Gian-Leza; Wanner, Guido A; Simmen, Hans-Peter; Werner, Clément M L (2014). Biomechanical comparison of different external fixation configurations for posttraumatic pelvic ring instability. Advances in Orthopedic Surgery, 2014:360165.

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