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van Bergen, J M G; Li, X; Hua, J; Schreiner, S J; Steininger, S C; Quevenco, F C; Wyss, M; Gietl, A F; Treyer, V; Leh, S E; Buck, F; Nitsch, R M; Pruessmann, K P; van Zijl, P C M; Hock, C; Unschuld, P G (2016). Colocalization of cerebral iron with amyloid beta in mild cognitive impairment. Scientific Reports, 6:35514.

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Buechel, R R; Herzog, B A; Husmann, L; Burger, I A; Pazhenkottil, A P; Treyer, V; Valenta, I; von Schulthess, P; Nkoulou, R; Wyss, C A; Kaufmann, P A (2010). Ultrafast nuclear myocardial perfusion imaging on a new gamma camera with semiconductor detector technique: first clinical validation. European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, 37(4):773-778.

Valenta, I; Treyer, V; Husmann, L; Gaemperli, O; Schindler, M J; Herzog, B A; Veit-Heibach, P; Buechel, R R; Nkoulou, R; Pazhenkottil, A P; Kaufmann, P A (2010). New reconstruction algorithm allows shortened acquisition time for myocardial perfusion SPECT. European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, 37(4):750-757.

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Wyss, M T; Weber, B; Treyer, V; Heer, S; Pellerin, L; Magistretti, P J; Buck, A (2009). Stimulation-induced increases of astrocytic oxidative metabolism in rats and humans investigated with 1-11C-acetate. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, 29(1):44-56.

Treyer, V; Streffer, J; Ametamey, S M; Bettio, A; Bläuenstein, P; Schmidt, M; Gasparini, F; Fischer, U; Hock, C; Buck, A (2008). Radiation dosimetry and biodistribution of 11C-ABP688 measured in healthy volunteers. European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, 35(4):766-770.

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de Quervain, D J F; Fischbacher, U; Treyer, V; Schellhammer, M; Schnyder, U; Buck, A; Fehr, Ernst (2004). The neural basis of altruistic punishment. Science, 305(5688):1254-1258.

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Huber, R; Treyer, V; Borbely, A A; Schuderer, J; Gottselig, J M; Landolt, H P; Werth, E; Berthold, T; Kuster, N; Buck, A; Achermann, P (2002). Electromagnetic fields, such as those from mobile phones, alter regional cerebral blood flow and sleep and waking EEG. Journal of Sleep Research, 11(4):289-295.

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