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Haeuptle, M A; Welti, M; Troxler, H; Huelsmeier, A J; Imbach, T; Hennet, T (2011). Improvement of dolichol-linked oligosaccharide biosynthesis by the squalene synthase inhibitor Zaragozic acid. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 286(8):6085-6091.

Summermatter, S; Troxler, H; Santos, G; Handschin, C (2011). Coordinated balancing of muscle oxidative metabolism through PGC-1α increases metabolic flexibility and preserves insulin sensitivity. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications (BBRC), 408(1):180-185.

Lucchinetti, E; Wang, L; Ko, K W S; Troxler, H; Hersberger, M; Zhang, L; Omar, M A; Lopaschuk, G D; Clanachan, A S; Zaugg, M (2011). Enhanced glucose uptake via GLUT4 fuels recovery from calcium overload after ischaemia-reperfusion injury in sevoflurane- but not propofol-treated hearts. British Journal of Anaesthesia, 106(6):792-800.

Frischknecht, H; Troxler, H; Dutly, F; Walker, L C; Hohenadel, B A; Eng, B; Waye, J S (2010). Characterization of three novel delta chain hemoglobin variants and two delta-thalassemia alleles. Hemoglobin, 34(4):374-382.

Wang, L; Ko, K W; Lucchinetti, E; Zhang, L; Troxler, H; Hersberger, M; Omar, M A; Posse de Chaves, E I; Lopaschuk, G D; Clanachan, A S; Zaugg, M (2010). Metabolic profiling of hearts exposed to sevoflurane and propofol reveals distinct regulation of fatty acid and glucose oxidation: CD36 and pyruvate dehydrogenase as key regulators in anesthetic-induced fuel shift. Anesthesiology, 113(3):541-551.

Hochuli, M; Zurbriggen, K; Schmid, M; Speer, O; Rochat, P; Frauchiger, B; Kleinert, P; Schmugge, M; Troxler, H (2009). A new alpha-globin variant with increased oxygen affinity in a Swiss family: Hb Frauenfeld [alpha 138(H21)Ser-->Phe, TCC>TTC (alpha 2)]. Hemoglobin, 33(1):54-58.

Troxler, H. Clinical applications of soft ionization mass spectrometry in pediatric laboratory medicine. 2009, University of Zurich, Faculty of Medicine.

Paesold-Burda, P; Maag, C; Troxler, H; Foulquier, F; Kleinert, P; Schnabel, S; Baumgartner, M; Hennet, T (2009). Deficiency in COG5 causes a moderate form of congenital disorders of glycosylation. Human Molecular Genetics, 18(22):4350-4356.

Zurbriggen, K; Schmid, M; Schmugge, M; Troxler, H; Speer, O (2009). Hb Alperton [beta135(H13)Ala-->Val] shows decreased oxygen affinity. Hemoglobin, 33(6):498-502.

Amstutz, R; Wachtel, M; Troxler, H; Kleinert, P; Ebauer, M; Haneke, T; Oehler-Jänne, C; Fabbro, D; Niggli, F K; Schäfer, B W (2008). Phosphorylation regulates transcriptional activity of PAX3/FKHR and reveals novel therapeutic possibilities. Cancer Research, 68(10):3767-3776.

Kizawa, K; Takahara, H; Troxler, H; Kleinert, P; Mochida, U; Heizmann, C W (2008). Specific citrullination causes assembly of a globular S100A3 homotetramer: a putative Ca2+ modulator matures human hair cuticle. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 283(8):5004-5013.

Frischknecht, H; Troxler, H; Greiner, J; Hengartner, H; Dutly, F (2008). Compound heterozygosity for Hb S [beta6(A3)GluVal, GAG-->GTG] and a new thalassemic mutation [beta132(H10)Lys-->term, AAA-->TAA] detected in a family from West Africa. Hemoglobin, 32(3):309-313.

Kleinert, P; Schmidt, M W I; Zurbriggen, K; Speer, O; Schmugge, M; Roschitzki, B; Durka, S S; Leopold, U; Kuster, T; Heizmann, C W; Frischknecht, H; Troxler, H (2008). Mass spectrometry: a tool for enhanced detection of hemoglobin variants. Clinical Chemistry, 54(1):69-76.

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