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Mloston, G; Urbaniak, K; Wojciechowska, A; Linden, A; Heimgartner, H (2012). Unexpected course of the reaction of 2-Unsubstituted 1H-Imidazole 3-Oxides with Ethyl Acrylate. Helvetica Chimica Acta, 95(4):577-585.

Mloston, G; Urbaniak, K; Domagala, M; Pfitzner, A; Zabel, M D; Heimgartner, H (2009). Thermal [2+3]-cycloadditions of trans-1-methyl-2,3-diphenylaziridine with C=S and C=C dipolarophiles: An unexpected course with dimethyl dicyanofumarate. Helvetica Chimica Acta, 92(12):2631-2642.

Mloston, G; Urbaniak, K; Nomura, T; Nakayama, J; Heimgartner, H (2009). Reaction of 1,2-Di(1-adamantyl)-2-thioxoethanone with Diazomethanes; 1,3- versus 1,5-Dipolar Electrocyclization of a Sterically Crowded Thiocarbonyl S-Methylide. Polish Journal of Chemistry, 83(11):1945-1951.

Mloston, G; Urbaniak, K; Linden, A; Heimgartner, H (2009). A new approach to 2,2-disubstituted 1-(methylsulfanyl)vinyl phosphonates via an intermediate thiocarbonyl ylide. Tetrahedron, 65(39):8191-8198.

Mloston, G; Mucha, P; Tarka, R; Urbaniak, K; Linden, A; Heimgartner, H (2009). Preparation and Structure of Optically Active Imidazolium Tetrafluoroborates; in Search of New Chiral Liquids. Polish Journal of Chemistry, 83(6):1105-1114.

Mloston, G; Obijalska, E; Urbaniak, K; Heimgartner, H (2008). Reactions of polycyclic thioketones with a phosphonylated carbanion. Heteroatom Chemistry, 19(2):182-187.

Mloston, G; Mucha, P; Urbaniak, K; Broda, K; Heimgartner, H (2008). Synthesis of optically active 1-(1-phenylethyl)imidazoles eerived from 1-phenylethylamine. Helvetica Chimica Acta, 91(2):232-238.

Mloston, G; Urbaniak, K; Lesniak, S; Wasiak, P; Heimgartner, H (2007). Formation of phosphonylated thiiranes in the reaction of a diazomethanephosphonate and cycloaliphatic thioketones. Heterocycles, 72(1):541-552.

Mloston, G; Urbaniak, K; Linden, A; Heimgartner, H (2007). Generation and reactivity of a silylated thiocarbonyl S-methylide. Heterocycles, 73(1):419-432.

Mloston, G; Urbaniak, K; Linden, A; Heimgartner, H (2007). Reactions of 9H-Fluorene-9-thione with (Trimethylsilyl)diazomethane. Polish Journal of Chemistry, 81(11):1849-1860.

Lesniak, S; Mloston, G; Urbaniak, K; Wasiak, P; Linden, A; Heimgartner, H (2006). Phosphonylated thiocarbonyl ylides from the reaction of aromatic thioketones with diethyl diazomethylphosphonates. Tetrahedron, 62(33):7776-7782.

Woznicka, M; Urbaniak, K; Mloston, G; Heimgartner, H (2006). Strained 1-Azabicyclo[1.1.0]butanes in the synthesis of Azetidinethiocarboxylate derivatives. Heterocycles, 69:351-364.

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