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Mignardot, Jean-Baptiste; Le Goff, Camille G; van den Brand, Rubia; Capogrosso, Marco; Fumeaux, Nicolas; Vallery, Heike; Anil, Selin; Lanini, Jessica; Fodor, Isabelle; Eberle, Grégoire; Ijspeert, Auke; Schurch, Brigitte; Curt, Armin; Carda, Stefano; Bloch, Jocelyne; von Zitzewitz, Joachim; Courtine, Grégoire (2017). A multidirectional gravity-assist algorithm that enhances locomotor control in patients with stroke or spinal cord injury. Science Translational Medicine, 9(399):eaah3621.

Tucker, Michael R; Olivier, Jeremy; Pagel, Anna; Bleuler, Hannes; Bouri, Mohamed; Lambercy, Olivier; Millán, José Del R; Riener, Robert; Vallery, Heike; Gassert, Roger (2015). Control strategies for active lower extremity prosthetics and orthotics: a review. Journal of Neuroengineering and Rehabilitation (JNER), 12(1):1.

Pfeifer, Serge; Riener, Robert; Vallery, Heike (2014). Knee stiffness estimation in physiological gait. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Conference Proceedings, 2014:1607-1610.

Wieser, Martin; Gisler, Stefan; Sarabadani, Amirehsan; Ruest, Rafael M; Buetler, Lilith; Vallery, Heike; Klamroth-Marganska, Verena; Hund-Georgiadis, Margret; Felder, Morena; Schoenberger, Josef L; Gutknecht, Clemens; Riener, Robert (2014). Cardiovascular control and stabilization via inclination and mobilization during bed rest. Medical & biological engineering & computing, 52(1):53-64.

Hollnagel, Christoph; Vallery, Heike; Schädler, Rainer; López, Isaac Gómez-Lor; Jaeger, Lukas; Wolf, Peter; Riener, Robert; Marchal-Crespo, Laura (2013). Non-linear adaptive controllers for an over-actuated pneumatic MR-compatible stepper. Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing, 51(7):799-809.

Pennycott, Andrew; Vallery, Heike; Wyss, Dario; Spindler, Markus; Dewarrat, Antoine; Riener, Robert (2013). A novel body weight support system extension: Initial concept and simulation study. IEEE International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics. Proceedings, 2013:1-4.

Pennycott, Andrew; Wyss, Dario; Vallery, Heike; Riener, Robert (2013). A preliminary study into the effects of pelvic rotations on upper body lateral translation. IEEE International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics. Proceedings, 2013:1-5.

Pagel, Anna; Oes, Julian; Pfeifer, Serge; Riener, Robert; Vallery, Heike (2013). Künstliches Feedback für Oberschenkelamputierte: Theoretische Analyse. at - Automatisierungstechnik, 61(9):621-629.

Pennycott, Andrew; Wyss, Dario; Vallery, Heike; Klamroth-Marganska, Verena; Riener, Robert (2012). Towards more effective robotic gait training for stroke rehabilitation: a review. Journal of Neuroengineering and Rehabilitation (JNER), 9:65.

Pfeifer, Serge; Vallery, Heike; Hardegger, Michael; Riener, Robert; Perreault, Eric J (2012). Model-based estimation of knee stiffness. IEEE Transactions on Bio-Medical Engineering, 59(9):2604-2612.

Wieser, Martin; Buetler, Lilith; Vallery, Heike; Schaller, Judith; Mayr, Andreas; Kofler, Markus; Saltuari, Leopold; Zutter, Daniel; Riener, Robert (2012). Quantification of clinical scores through physiological recordings in low-responsive patients: a feasibility study. Journal of Neuroengineering and Rehabilitation (JNER), 9:30.

Vallery, Heike; Bögel, Alexander; O'Brien, Carolyn; Riener, Robert (2012). Cooperative control design for robot-assisted balance during gait. at - Automatisierungstechnik, 60(11):715-720.

Dominici, Nadia; Keller, Urs; Vallery, Heike; Friedli, Lucia; van den Brand, Rubia; Starkey, Michelle L; Musienko, Pavel; Riener, Robert; Courtine, Grégoire (2012). Versatile robotic interface to evaluate, enable and train locomotion and balance after neuromotor disorders. Nature Medicine, 18(7):1142-1147.

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