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Warren, B H; Bakker, F T; Bellstedt, D U; Bytebier, B; Classen-Bockhoff, R; Dreyer, L L; Edwards, D; Forest, F; Galley, C; Hardy, C R; Linder, H P; Muasya, A M; Mummenhoff, K; Oberlander, K C; Quint, M; Richardson, J E; Savolainen, V; Schrire, B D; Van der Niet, T; Verboom, G A; Yesson, C; Hawkins, J A (2011). Consistent phenological shifts in the making of a biodiversity hotspot: the Cape flora. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 11:39.

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Verboom, G A; Archibald, J K; Bakker, F T; Bellstedt, D U; Conrad, F; Dreyer, L L; Forest, F; Galley, C; Goldblatt, P; Henning, J F; Mummenhoff, K; Linder, H P; Muasya, A M; Oberlander, K C; Savolainen, V; Snijman, D A; Van der Niet, T; Nowell, T L (2009). Origin and diversification of the Greater Cape flora: ancient species repository, hot-bed of recent radiation, or both? Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 51(1):44-53.

Bytebier, B; Van der Niet, T; Bellstedt, D U; Linder, H P (2008). The phylogenetic position of the enigmatic orchid genus Pachites. South African Journal of Botany, 74(2):306-312.

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