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Cserni, G; Wells, C A; Kaya, H; Regitnig, P; Sapino, A; Floris, G; Decker, T; Foschini, M P; van Diest, P J; Grabau, D; Reiner, A; DeGaetano, J; Chmielik, E; Cordoba, A; Andreu, X; Zolota, V; Charafe-Jauffret, E; Ryska, A; Varga, Z; Weingertner, N; Bellocq, J P; Liepniece-Karele, I; Callagy, G; Kulka, J; Bürger, H; Figueiredo, P; Wesseling, J; Amendoeira, I; Faverly, D; Quinn, C M; Bianchi, S (2016). Consistency in recognizing microinvasion in breast carcinomas is improved by immunohistochemistry for myoepithelial markers. Virchows Archiv, 468(4):473-481.

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Feilchenfeldt, J; Varga, Z; Siano, M; Grabsch, H I; Held, U; Schuknecht, B; Trip, A; Hamaguchi, T; Gut, P; Balague, O; Khanfir, K; Diebold, J; Jochum, W; Shoji, H; Kushima, R; Wagner, D; Shimada, Y; Cats, A; Knuth, A; Moch, H; Aebi, S; Hofer, S (2015). Brain metastases in gastro-oesophageal adenocarcinoma: insights into the role of the human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2). British Journal of Cancer, 113(5):716-721.

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Balmativola, D; Marchiò, C; Maule, M; Chiusa, L; Annaratone, L; Maletta, F; Montemurro, F; Kulka, J; Figueiredo, P; Varga, Z; Liepniece-Karele, I; Cserni, G; Arkoumani, E; Amendoeira, I; Callagy, G; Reiner-Concin, A; Cordoba, A; Bianchi, S; Decker, T; Gläser, D; Focke, C; van Diest, P; Grabau, D; Lips, E; Wesseling, J; Arisio, R; Medico, E; Wells, C; Sapino, A (2014). Pathological non-response to chemotherapy in a neoadjuvant setting of breast cancer: an inter-institutional study. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, 148(3):511-523.

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Denkert, C; Kronenwett, R; Schlake, W; Bohmann, K; Penzel, R; Weber, K E; Höfler, H; Lehmann, U; Schirmacher, P; Specht, K; Rudas, M; Kreipe, H H; Schraml, P; Schlake, G; Bago-Horvath, Z; Tiecke, F; Varga, Z; Moch, H; Schmidt, M; Prinzler, J; Kerjaschki, D; Sinn, B V; Müller, B M; Filipits, M; Petry, C; Dietel, M (2012). Decentral gene expression analysis for ER+/Her2- breast cancer: results of a proficiency testing program for the EndoPredict assay. Virchows Archiv, 460(3):251-259.

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Cserni, G; Amendoeira, I; Bianchi, S; Chmielik, E; Degaetano, J; Faverly, D; Figueiredo, P; Foschini, M P; Grabau, D; Jacquemier, J; Kaya, H; Kulka, J; Lacerda, M; Liepniece-Karele, I; Penuela, J M; Quinn, C; Regitnig, P; Reiner-Concin, A; Sapino, A; van Diest, P J; Varga, Z; Vezzosi, V; Wesseling, J; Zolota, V; Zozaya, E; Wells, C A (2011). Distinction of isolated tumour cells and micrometastasis in lymph nodes of breast cancer patients according to the new Tumour Node Metastasis (TNM) definitions. European Journal of Cancer, 47(6):887-894.

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Scholtze, D; Varga, Z; Imhof, A (2011). Post-infection immunocomplex glomerulonephritis and Legionnaires' disease in a patient with adult Still's disease during treatment with interleukin 1 receptor antagonist anakinra: a case report. Journal of Medical Case Reports, 5:299.

Fritzsche, F R; Pianca, S; Gaspert, A; Varga, Z; Wang, L; Farrell, M P; Chen, X B; Hirsch, H H; Springer, E; Fehr, T; Myles, J; Tubbs, R; Moch, H (2011). Silver-enhanced in situ hybridization for detection of polyomavirus DNA in patients with BK virus nephropathy. Diagnostic Molecular Pathology, 20(2):105-110.

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Fritzsche, F R; Bode, P K; Moch, H; Kristiansen, G; Varga, Z; Bode, B (2010). Determination of the Her-2/neu gene amplification status in cytologic breast cancer specimens using automated silver-enhanced in-situ hybridization (SISH). American Journal of Surgical Pathology, 34(8):1180-1185.

Xu, Y; Bismar, T A; Su, J; Xu, B; Kristiansen, G; Varga, Z; Teng, L; Ingber, D E; Mammoto, A; Kumar, R; Alaoui-Jamali, M A (2010). Filamin A regulates focal adhesion disassembly and suppresses breast cancer cell migration and invasion. Journal of Experimental Medicine, 207(11):2421-2437.

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Theurillat, J P; Zürrer-Härdi, U; Varga, Z; Storz, M; Probst-Hensch, N M; Seifert, Burkhardt; Fehr, M K; Fink, D; Ferrone, S; Pestalozzi, B; Jungbluth, A A; Chen, Y T; Jäger, D; Knuth, A; Moch, H (2007). NY-BR-1 protein expression in breast carcinoma: a mammary gland differentiation antigen as target for cancer immunotherapy. Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy, 56(11):1723-1731.

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