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Veitschegger, Kristof; Kolb, Christian; Amson, Eli; Scheyer, Torsten M; Sánchez-Villagra, Marcelo R (2018). Palaeohistology and life history evolution in cave bears, Ursus spelaeus sensu lato. PLoS ONE, 13(11):e0206791.

Veitschegger, Kristof; Wilson, Laura A B; Nussberger, Beatrice; Camenisch, Glauco; Keller, Lukas F; Wroe, Stephen; Sánchez-Villagra, Marcelo R (2018). Resurrecting Darwin’s Niata - anatomical, biomechanical, genetic, and morphometric studies of morphological novelty in cattle. Scientific Reports, 8:9129.

Sánchez-Villagra, Marcelo R; Segura, Valentina; Geiger, Madeleine; Heck, Laura; Veitschegger, Kristof; Flores, David (2017). On the lack of a universal pattern associated with mammalian domestication: differences in skull growth trajectories across phylogeny. Royal Society Open Science, 4(10):1-12.

Veitschegger, Kristof (2017). The effect of body size evolution and ecology on encephalization in cave bears and extant relatives. BMC Evolutionary Biology:17:124.

Veitschegger, Kristof. Life History Evolution in Extant and Extinct Laurasiatheria – Case Studies Elucidating the Junctions among Selective Forces, Disparity,and Trait Evolution. 2017, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.

Veitschegger, Kristof; Carrillo, Juan D (2016). Book review: Hypsodonty in Mammals—Evolution, Geomorphology, and the Role of Earth Surface Processes, Richard H. Madden, Cambridge University Press, (2015). $130.00, 423 pp. ISBN 978-1-107-01293-6. Mammalian Biology - Zeitschrift für Säugetierkunde, 81(3):266-267.

Angelone, Chiara; Veitschegger, Kristof (2015). MN10 Prolagus (Ochotonidae, Lagomorpha) from Austria: a new tile for the central European palaeobiogeography of the genus. Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie:1-10.

Veitschegger, Kristof; Fladerer, Florian A; Nagel, Doris (2015). A Late Pleistocene to Holocene succession of leporid species in the southern Vienna Basin (Austria). Comptes Rendus Palevol, 14(5):403-410.

Kolb, Christian; Scheyer, Torsten M; Veitschegger, Kristof; Forasiepi, Analia M; Amson, Eli; Van der Geer, Alexandra A E; Van den Hoek Ostende, Lars W; Hayashi, Shoji; Sánchez-Villagra, Marcelo R (2015). Mammalian bone palaeohistology: a survey and new data with emphasis on island forms. PeerJ:1-44.

Veitschegger, Kristof; Sánchez-Villagra, Marcelo R (2015). Tooth Eruption Sequences in Cervids and the Effect of Morphology, Life History, and Phylogeny. Journal of Mammalian Evolution:1-13.

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