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Carrillo-Briceño, Jorge Domingo; Luz, Zoneibe; Hendy, Austin; Kocsis, László; Aguilera, Orangel; Vennemann, Torsten (2019). Neogene Caribbean elasmobranchs: diversity, paleoecology and paleoenvironmental significance of the Cocinetas Basin assemblage (Guajira Peninsula, Colombia). Biogeosciences, 16(1):33-56.

Bagherpour, Borhan; Bucher, Hugo; Schneebeli-Hermann, Elke; Vennemann, Torsten; Chiaradia, Massimo; Shen, Shu-zhong (2018). Early Late Permian coupled carbon and strontium isotope chemostratigraphy from South China: Extended Emeishan volcanism? Gondwana research, 58:58-70.

Brosse, Morgane; Baud, Aymon; Bhat, Ghulam Mohmmad; Bucher, Hugo; Leu, Marc; Vennemann, Torsten; Goudemand, Nicolas (2017). Conodont-based Griesbachian biochronology of the Guryul Ravine section (basal Triassic, Kashmir, India). Geobios, 50(5-6):359-387.

Bagherpour, Borhan; Bucher, Hugo; Baud, Aymon; Brosse, Morgane; Vennemann, Torsten; Martini, Rossana; Guodun, Kuang (2017). Onset, development, and cessation of basal Early Triassic microbialites (BETM) in the Nanpanjiang pull-apart Basin, South China Block. Gondwana research, 44:178-204.

Leu, Marc; Baud, Aymon; Brosse, Morgane; Goudemand, Nicolas; Vennemann, Torsten; Meier, Maximiliano; Bhat, Ghulam; Bucher, Hugo (2014). Earthquake induced soft sediment deformation (seismites): new data from the Early Triassic Guryul Ravine section (Kashmir). Geophysical Research Abstracts:1.

Finger, David; Hugentobler, Andreas; Huss, Matthias; Voinesco, Alice; Wernli, Hans R; Fischer, Daniela; Weber, Eric; Jeannin, Pierre-Yves; Kauzlaric, Martina; Wirz, Andrea; Vennemann, Torsten; Hüsler, Fabia; Schädler, Bruno; Weingartner, Rolf (2013). Identification of glacial meltwater runoff in a karstic environment and its implication for present and future water availability. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 17(8):3261-3277.

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