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Tavazzi, Guido; Neskovic, Aleksandar N; Popescu, Bogdan A; Via, Gabriele (2018). Letter on "Pre-hospital transthoracic echocardiography for early identification of non-ST-elevation myocardial infarction in patients with acute coronary syndrome". Critical Care, 22(1):311.

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Via, Gabriele; Tavazzi, Guido (2018). Diagnosis of diastolic dysfunction in the emergency department: really at reach for minimally trained sonologists? A call for a wise approach to heart failure with preserved ejection fraction diagnosis in the ER. Critical Ultrasound Journal, 10(1):26.

Corradi, Francesco; Robba, Chiara; Tavazzi, Guido; Via, Gabriele (2018). Combined lung and brain ultrasonography for an individualized "brain-protective ventilation strategy" in neurocritical care patients with challenging ventilation needs. Critical Ultrasound Journal, 10(1):24.

Díaz-Gómez, José L; Renew, J Ross; Ratzlaff, Robert A; Ramakrishna, Harish; Torp, Klaus; Via, Gabriele (2018). Can Lung Ultrasound Be the First-Line Tool for Evaluation of Intraoperative. Anesthesia and Analgesia, 126(6):2146-2147.

Neskovic, Aleksandar N; Skinner, Henry; Price, Susanna; Via, Gabriele; De Hert, Stefan; Stankovic, Ivan; Galderisi, Maurizio; Donal, Erwan; Muraru, Denisa; Sloth, Erik; Gargani, Luna; Cardim, Nuno; Stefanidis, Alexandros; Cameli, Matteo; Habib, Gilbert; Cosyns, Bernard; Lancellotti, Patrizio; Edvardsen, Thor; Popescu, Bogdan A (2018). Focus cardiac ultrasound core curriculum and core syllabus of the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging. European Heart Journal. Cardiovascular Imaging, 19(5):475-481.

Díaz-Gómez, José L; Renew, J Ross; Ratzlaff, Robert A; Ramakrishna, Harish; Via, Gabriele; Torp, Klaus (2018). Can lung ultrasound be the first-line tool for evaluation of intraoperative Hypoxemia. Anesthesia and Analgesia, 126(5):1769-1773.

Tavazzi, Guido; Via, Gabriele; Iotti, Giorgio (2018). Reply: There Should Not Be Much Doubt That Neurogenic Stress Cardiomyopathy in Cardiac Donors Is a Phenotype of Takotsubo Syndrome, and Takotsubo Common Pathways and SNRI Medications. JACC: Heart Failure, 6(4):348.

Via, Gabriele; Dean, Anthony; Casso, Gabriele; Bridal Løgstrup, Brian; Tavazzi, Guido (2018). Focused cardiac ultrasound. In: Laursen, C B; Rahman, N M; Volpicelli, G. Thoracic Ultrasound. ERS, 184-205.

Mongodi, Silvia; Pozzi, Marco; Orlando, Anita; Bouhemad, Bélaid; Stella, Andrea; Tavazzi, Guido; Via, Gabriele; Iotti, Giorgio Antonio; Mojoli, Francesco (2018). Lung ultrasound for daily monitoring of ARDS patients on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation: preliminary experience. Intensive Care Medicine, 44(1):123-124.

Osman, Adi; Wan Chuan, Tan; Ab Rahman, Jamalludin; Via, Gabriele; Tavazzi, Guido (2018). Ultrasound-guided pericardiocentesis: a novel parasternal approach. European Journal of Emergency Medicine, 25(5):322-327.

Tavazzi, Guido; Zanierato, Marinella; Via, Gabriele; Iotti, Giorgio Antonio; Procaccio, Francesco (2017). Are neurogenic stress cardiomyopathy and takotsubo different syndromes with common pathways?: etiopathological insights on dysfunctional hearts. JACC: Heart Failure, 5(12):940-942.

Mongodi, Silvia; Bouhemad, Bélaïd; Orlando, Anita; Stella, Andrea; Tavazzi, Guido; Via, Gabriele; Iotti, Giorgio Antonio; Braschi, Antonio; Mojoli, Francesco (2017). Modified lung ultrasound score for assessing and monitoring pulmonary aeration. Ultraschall in der Medizin, 38(5):530-537.

Mongodi, Silvia; Via, Gabriele; Riccardi, Mariachiara; Tavazzi, Guido; D'Armini, Andrea Maria; Maurelli, Marco; Braschi, Antonio; Mojoli, Francesco (2017). Patent foramen ovale diagnosis: The importance of provocative maneuvers. Journal of Clinical Ultrasound, 45(1):58-61.

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