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Makrides, V; Dolgodilina, Elena; Virgintino, D (2017). Blood-Brain Barrier Transporters and Neuorinflammation: Partners in Neuroprotection and in Pathology. In: Lyck, R; Enzmann, Gaby. The Blood Brain Barrier and Inflammation. Cham: Springer, 103-151.

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Virgintino, D; Errede, M; Girolamo, F; Capobianco, C; Robertson, D; Vimercati, A; Serio, G; Di Benedetto, A; Yonekawa, Y; Frei, K; Roncali, L (2008). Fetal blood-brain barrier P-glycoprotein contributes to brain protection during human development. Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology, 67(1):50-61.

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