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Vogetseder, A; Thies, S; Ingold, B; Roth, P; Weller, M; Schraml, P; Goodman, S L; Moch, H (2013). αv-Integrin isoform expression in primary human tumors and brain metastases. International Journal of Cancer, 133(10):2362-2371.

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Wu, M; Arcaro, A; Varga, Z; Vogetseder, A; Le Hir, M; Wüthrich, R P; Serra, A L (2009). Pulse mTOR inhibitor treatment effectively controls cyst growth but leads to severe parenchymal and glomerular hypertrophy in rat polycystic kidney disease. American Journal of Physiology. Renal Physiology, 297(6):F1597-F1605.

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