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Oesch, S; Walter, D; Wachtel, M; Prêtre, Kathya; Salazar, M; Guzmán, M; Velasco, G; Schäfer, B W (2009). Cannabinoid receptor 1 is a potential drug target for treatment of translocation-positive rhabdomyosarcoma. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, 8(7):1838-1845.

Grass, B; Wachtel, M; Behnke, S; Leuschner, I; Niggli, F K; Schäfer, B W (2009). Immunohistochemical detection of EGFR, fibrillin-2, P-cadherin and AP2beta as biomarkers for rhabdomyosarcoma diagnostics. Histopathology, 54(7):873-879.

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