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Bruno, Cristina; Waeckerle-Men, Ying; Håkerud, Monika; Kündig, Thomas M; Gander, Bruno; Johansen, Pål (2015). Photosensitizer and light pave the way for cytosolic targeting and generation of cytosolic CD8 T cells using PLGA vaccine particles. Journal of Immunology, 195(1):166-173.

Håkerud, Monika; Selbo, Pål K; Waeckerle-Men, Ying; Contassot, Emmanuel; Dziunycz, Piotr; Kündig, Thomas M; Høgset, Anders; Johansen, Pål (2015). Photosensitisation facilitates cross-priming of adjuvant-free protein vaccines and stimulation of tumour-suppressing CD8 T cells. Journal of Controlled Release, 198:10-17.

Håkerud, Monika; Waeckerle-Men, Ying; Selbo, Pål Kristian; Kündig, Thomas M; Høgset, Anders; Johansen, Pål (2014). Intradermal photosensitisation facilitates stimulation of MHC class-I restricted CD8 T-cell responses of co-administered antigen. Journal of Controlled Release, 174:143-150.

Waeckerle-Men, Ying; Liang, Yuan; von Moos, Seraina; Kündig, Thomas M; Johansen, Pål (2014). Multivalent paediatric allergy vaccines protect against allergic anaphylaxis in mice. Clinical and Experimental Allergy, 44(3):429-437.

Waeckerle-Men, Ying; Bruffaerts, Nicolas; Liang, Yuan; Jurion, Fabienne; Sander, Peter; Kündig, Thomas M; Huygen, Kris; Johansen, Pål (2013). Lymph node targeting of BCG vaccines amplifies CD4 and CD8 T-cell responses and protection against Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Vaccine, 31(7):1057-1064.

Waeckerle-Men, Ying; Mauracher, Andrea; Håkerud, Monika; Mohanan, Deepa; Kündig, Thomas M; Høgset, Anders; Johansen, Pål (2013). Photochemical targeting of antigens to the cytosol for stimulation of MHC class-I-restricted T-cell responses. European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, 85(1):34-41.

Pihlgren, Maria; Silva, Alberto B; Madani, Rime; Giriens, Valérie; Waeckerle-Men, Ying; Fettelschoss, Antonia; Hickman, David T; López-Deber, María Pilar; Ndao, Dorin Mlaki; Vukicevic, Marija; Buccarello, Anna Lucia; Gafner, Valérie; Chuard, Nathalie; Reis, Pedro; Piorkowska, Kasia; Pfeifer, Andrea; Kündig, Thomas M; Muhs, Andreas; Johansen, Pål (2013). TLR4- and TRIF-dependent stimulation of B lymphocytes by peptide liposomes enables T cell-independent isotype switch in mice. Blood, 121(1):85-94.

Döbbeling, Udo; Waeckerle-Men, Ying; Zabel, Franziska; Graf, Nicole; Kündig, Thomas M; Johansen, Pål (2013). The antihistamines clemastine and desloratadine inhibit STAT3 and c-Myc activities and induce apoptosis in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma cell lines. Experimental Dermatology, 22(2):119-124.

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