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Fritz, Benjamin; Müller, Daniel A; Sutter, Reto; Wurnig, Moritz C; Wagner, Matthias W; Pfirrmann, Christian W A; Fischer, Michael A (2018). Magnetic Resonance Imaging-Based Grading of Cartilaginous Bone Tumors: Added Value of Quantitative Texture Analysis. Investigative Radiology, 53(11):663-672.

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Wagner, Matthias W; Huisman, Thierry A G M; Kubik-Huch, Rahel A (2016). Bildgebende Diagnostik gynäkologischer Notfälle. Radiologie up2date, 16(03):251-266.

Wagner, Matthias W; Kontzialis, Marinos; Seeburg, Daniel; Stern, Steven E; Oshmyansky, Alexander; Poretti, Andrea; Huisman, Thierry A G M (2016). Acute brain imaging in children: can MRI replace CT as a screening tool? Journal of Neuroimaging, 26(1):68-74.

Wagner, Matthias W; Bell, W Robert; Kern, Jason; Bosemani, Thangamadhan; Mhlanga, Joyce; Carson, Kathryn A; Cohen, Kenneth J; Raabe, Eric H; Rodriguez, Fausto; Huisman, Thierry A G M; Poretti, Andrea (2016). Diffusion tensor imaging suggests extrapontine extension of pediatric diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas. European Journal of Radiology, 85(4):700-706.

Wagner, Matthias W; Narayan, Anand K; Bosemani, Thangamadhan; Huisman, Thierry A G M; Poretti, Andrea (2016). Histogram Analysis of Diffusion Tensor Imaging Parameters in Pediatric Cerebellar Tumors. Journal of Neuroimaging, 26(3):360-365.

Wagner, Matthias W; Stern, Steven E; Oshmyansky, Alexander; Huisman, Thierry A G M; Poretti, Andrea (2016). The role of ADC-based thermometry in measuring brain intraventricular temperature in children. Journal of Neuroimaging, 26(3):315-323.

Orman, Gunes; Wagner, Matthias W; Seeburg, Daniel; Zamora, Carlos A; Oshmyansky, Alexander; Tekes, Aylin; Poretti, Andrea; Jallo, George I; Huisman, Thierry A G M; Bosemani, Thangamadhan (2015). Pediatric skull fracture diagnosis: should 3D CT reconstructions be added as routine imaging? Journal of Neurosurgery. Pediatrics:1-6.

Selvitop, Omer; Poretti, Andrea; Huisman, Thierry Agm; Wagner, Matthias W (2015). Cerebral sinovenous thrombosis in a child with Crohn's disease, otitis media, and meningitis. Neuroradiology Journal, 28(3):274-277.

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