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Marino, Jacopo; Walser, Reto; Poms, Martin; Zerbe, Oliver (2018). Understanding GPCR recognition and folding from NMR studies of fragments. RSC Advances, 8:9858-9870.

Buchenberg, Sebastian; Knecht, Volker; Walser, Reto; Hamm, Peter; Stock, Gerhard (2014). Long-Range conformational transition of a photoswitchable allosteric protein: Molecular dynamics simulation study. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 118(47):13468-13476.

Buchli, Brigitte; Waldauer, Steven A; Walser, Reto; Donten, Mateusz L; Pfister, Rolf; Blöchliger, Nicolas; Steiner, Sandra; Caflisch, Amedeo; Zerbe, Oliver; Hamm, Peter (2013). Kinetic response of a photoperturbed allosteric protein. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 110(29):11725-11730.

Steger, Martin; Murina, Olga; Hühn, Daniela; Ferretti, Lorenza P; Walser, Reto; Hänggi, Kay; Lafranchi, Lorenzo; Neugebauer, Christine; Paliwal, Shreya; Janscak, Pavel; Gerrits, Bertran; Del Sal, Giannino; Zerbe, Oliver; Sartori, Alessandro A (2013). Prolyl isomerase PIN1 regulates DNA double-strand break repair by Counteracting DNA end resection. Molecular Cell, 50(3):333-343.

Bloem, Robbert; Koziol, Klemens; Waldauer, Steven A; Buchli, Brigitte; Walser, Reto; Samatanga, Brighton; Jelesarov, Ilian; Hamm, Peter (2012). Ligand Binding Studied by 2D IR Spectroscopy Using the Azidohomoalanine Label. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 116(46):13705-13712.

Walser, Reto. NMR studies of the extracellular domains of a human G-protein coupled receptor grafted onto a stable β-barrel scaffold. 2010, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.

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