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Wang, C; Qu, C; Alippe, Y; Bonar, S L; Civitelli, R; Abu-Amer, Y; Hottiger, M O; Mbalaviele, G (2016). Poly-ADP-ribosylation-mediated degradation of ARTD1 by the NLRP3 inflammasome is a prerequisite for osteoclast maturation. Cell Death and Disease, 7(3):e2153.

Symington, J W; Wang, C; Twentyman, J; Owusu-Boaitey, N; Schwendener, R; Núñez, G; Schilling, J D; Mysorekar, I U (2015). ATG16L1 deficiency in macrophages drives clearance of uropathogenic E. coli in an IL-1β-dependent manner. Mucosal immunology, 8:1388-1399.

Pecqueur, L; Duellberg, C; Dreier, B; Jiang, Q; Wang, C; Plückthun, A; Surrey, T; Gigant, B; Knossow, M (2012). A designed ankyrin repeat protein selected to bind to tubulin caps the microtubule plus end. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 109(30):12011-12016.

Deng, Y; Schmid, N; Wang, C; Wang, J; Pessi, G; Wu, D; Lee, J; Aguilar, C; Ahrens, C H; Chang, C; Song, H; Eberl, L; Zhang, L H (2012). Cis-2-dodecenoic acid receptor RpfR links quorum-sensing signal perception with regulation of virulence through cyclic dimeric guanosine monophosphate turnover. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 109(38):15479-15484.

Legrand, N; Ploss, A; Balling, R; Becker, P D; Borsotti, C; Brezillon, N; Debarry, J; De Jong, Y; Deng, H; Di Santo, J P; Eisenbarth, S; Eynon, E; Flavell, R A; Guzman, C A; Huntington, N D; Kremsdorf, D; Manns, M P; Manz, M G; Mention, J J; Ott, M; Rathinam, C; Rice, C M; Rongvaux, A; Stevens, S; Spits, H; Strick-Marchand, H; Takizawa, H; van Lent, A U; Wang, C; Weijer, K; Willinger, T; Ziegler, P (2009). Humanized mice for modeling human infectious disease: challenges, progress, and outlook. Cell Host & Microbe, 6(1):5-9.

Amelino-Camelia, G; Aplin, K; Arndt, M; Barrow, J D; Bingham, R J; Borde, C; Bouyer, P; Caldwell, M; Cruise, A M; Damour, T; D'Arrigo, P; Dittus, H; Ertmer, W; Foulon, B; Gill, P; Hammond, G D; Hough, J; Jentsch, C; Johann, U; Jetzer, P; Klein, H; Lambrecht, A; Lamine, B; Laemmerzahl, C; Lockerbie, N; Loeffler, F; Mendonca, J T; Mester, J; Ni, W T; Pegrum, C; Peters, A; Rasel, E; Reynaud, S; Shaul, D; Sumner, T J; Theil, S; Torrie, C; Touboul, P; Trenkel, C; Vitale, S; Vodel, W; Wang, C; Ward, H; Woodgate, A (2009). GAUGE: the GrAnd Unification and Gravity Explorer. Experimental Astronomy, 23(2):549-572.

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