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Soumagnac, M T; Abdalla, F B; Lahav, O; Kirk, D; Sevilla, I; Bertin, E; Rowe, B T P; Annis, J; Busha, M T; Da Costa, L N; Frieman, J A; Gaztanaga, E; Jarvis, M; Lin, H; Percival, W J; Santiago, B X; Sabiu, C G; Wechsler, R H; Wolz, L; Yanny, B (2015). Star/galaxy separation at faint magnitudes: application to a simulated Dark Energy Survey. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 450(1):666-680.

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Busha, M T; Marshall, P J; Wechsler, R H; Klypin, A; Primack, J (2011). The mass distribution and assembly of the Milky Way from the properties of the Magellanic Clouds. Astrophysical Journal, 743(1):40.

Liu, L; Gerke, B F; Wechsler, R H; Behroozi, P S; Busha, M T (2011). How common are the Magellanic Clouds? Astrophysical Journal, 733(1):62.

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