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Eichhoff, O M; Zipser, M C; Xu, M; Weeraratna, A T; Mihic, D; Dummer, R; Hoek, K S (2010). The immunohistochemistry of invasive and proliferative phenotype switching in melanoma: a case report. Melanoma Research, 20(4):349-355.

Fiori, J L; Zhu, T N; O'Connell, M P; Hoek, K S; Indig, F E; Frank, B P; Morris, C; Kole, S; Hasskamp, J; Elias, G; Weeraratna, A T; Bernier, M (2009). Filamin A modulates kinase activation and intracellular trafficking of epidermal growth factor receptors in human melanoma cells. Endocrinology, 150(6):2551-2560.

Almanzar, G; Olkhanud, P B; Bodogai, M; Dell'agnola, C; Baatar, D; Hewitt, S M; Ghimenton, C; Tummala, M K; Weeraratna, A T; Hoek, K S; Kouprina, N; Larionov, V; Biragyn, A (2009). Sperm-derived SPANX-B is a clinically relevant tumor antigen that is expressed in human tumors and readily recognized by human CD4+ and CD8+ T cells. Clinical Cancer Research, 15(6):1954-1963.

O'Connell, M P; Fiori, J L; Baugher, K M; Indig, F E; French, A D; Camilli, T C; Frank, B P; Earley, R; Hoek, K S; Hasskamp, J H; Elias, E G; Taub, D D; Bernier, M; Weeraratna, A T (2009). Wnt5A activates the calpain-mediated cleavage of filamin A. Journal of Investigative Dermatology, 129(7):1782-1789.

Dissanayake, S K; Olkhanud, P B; O'Connell, M P; Carter, A; French, A D; Camilli, T C; Emeche, C D; Hewitt, K J; Rosenthal, D T; Leotlela, P D; Wade, M S; Yang, S W; Brant, L; Nickoloff, B J; Messina, J L; Biragyn, A; Hoek, K S; Taub, D D; Longo, D L; Sondak, V K; Hewitt, S M; Weeraratna, A T (2008). Wnt5A regulates expression of tumor-associated antigens in melanoma via changes in signal transducers and activators of transcription 3 phosphorylation. Cancer Research, 68(24):10205-10214.

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