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Wick, W; Weller, M; van den Bent, M; Sanson, M; Weiler, M; von Deimling, A; Plass, C; Hegi, M; Platten, M; Reifenberger, G (2014). MGMT testing-the challenges for biomarker-based glioma treatment. Nature Reviews. Neurology, 10(7):372-85.

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Weiler, M; Blaes, J; Pusch, S; Sahm, F; Czabanka, M; Luger, S; Bunse, L; Solecki, G; Eichwald, V; Jugold, M; Hodecker, S; Osswald, M; Meisner, C; Hielscher, T; Rübmann, P; Pfenning, P N; Ronellenfitsch, M; Kempf, T; Schnölzer, M; Abdollahi, A; Lang, F; Bendszus, M; von Deimling, A; Winkler, F; Weller, M; Vajkoczy, P; Platten, M; Wick, W (2014). mTOR target NDRG1 confers MGMT-dependent resistance to alkylating chemotherapy. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 111(1):409-414.

Wick, W; Meisner, C; Hentschel, B; Platten, M; Schilling, A; Wiestler, B; Sabel, M C; Koeppen, S; Ketter, R; Weiler, M; Tabatabai, G; von Deimling, A; Gramatzki, D; Westphal, M; Schackert, G; Loeffler, M; Simon, M; Reifenberger, G; Weller, M (2013). Prognostic or predictive value of MGMT promoter methylation in gliomas depends on IDH1 mutation. Neurology, 81(17):1515-1522.

Weiler, M; Pfenning, P N; Thiepold, A L; Blaes, J; Jestaedt, L; Gronych, J; Dittmann, L M; Berger, B; Jugold, M; Kosch, M; Combs, S E; von Deimling, A; Weller, M; Bendszus, M; Platten, M; Wick, W (2013). Suppression of proinvasive RGS4 by mTOR inhibition optimizes glioma treatment. Oncogene, 32(9):1099-1109.

Viviroli, Daniel; Schädler, Bruno; Schmocker-Fackel, P; Weiler, M; Seibert, Jan (2012). On the risk of obtaining misleading results by pooling streamflow data for trend analyses. Water Resources Research, 48(5):online.

Christians, A; Hartmann, C; Benner, A; Meyer, J; von Deimling, A; Weller, M; Wick, W; Weiler, M (2012). Prognostic value of three different methods of MGMT promoter methylation analysis in a prospective trial on newly diagnosed glioblastoma. PLoS ONE, 7(3):e33449.

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McDonnell, J J; McGuire, K; Aggarwal, P; Beven, K J; Biondi, D; Destouni, G; Dunn, S; James, A; Kirchner, J; Kraft, P; Lyon, S; Maloszewski, P; Newman, B; Pfister, L; Rinaldo, A; Rodhe, A; Sayama, T; Seibert, Jan; Solomon, K; Soulsby, C; Stewart, M; Tetzlaff, D; Tobin, C; Troch, P; Weiler, M; Western, A; Wörman, A; Wrede, S (2010). How old is streamwater? Open questions in catchment transit time conceptualization, modelling and analysis. Hydrological Processes, 24(12):1745-1754.

Rieger, J; Lemke, D; Maurer, G; Weiler, M; Frank, B; Tabatabai, G; Weller, M; Wick, W (2008). Enzastaurin-induced apoptosis in glioma cells is caspase-dependent and inhibited by BCL-XL. Journal of Neurochemistry, 106(6):2436-2448.

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