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Staudinger, Maria; Stoelzle, Michael; Cochand, Fabien; Seibert, Jan; Weiler, Markus; Hunkeler, Daniel (2019). Your work is my boundary condition!: Challenges and approaches for a closer collaboration between hydrologists and hydrogeologists. Journal of Hydrology, 571:235-243.

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Blume, Theresa; van Meerveld, H J; Weiler, Markus (2018). Why and when it is useful to publish and share inconclusive results and failures: reply to “Reporting negative results to stimulate experimental hydrology”. Hydrological Sciences Journal, 63(8):1273-1274.

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Freudiger, Daphné; Mennekes, David; Seibert, Jan; Weiler, Markus (2018). Historical glacier outlines from digitized topographic maps of the Swiss Alps. Earth System Science Data, 10(2):805-814.

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Lemke, Dieter; Weiler, Markus; Blaes, Jonas; Wiestler, Benedikt; Jestaedt, Leonie; Klein, Ann-Catherine; Löw, Sarah; Eisele, Günter; Radlwimmer, Bernhard; Capper, David; Schmieder, Kirsten; Mittelbronn, Michel; Combs, Stephanie E; Bendszus, Martin; Weller, Michael; Platten, Michael; Wick, Wolfgang (2014). Primary Glioblastoma Cultures: Can Profiling of Stem Cell Markers Predict Radiotherapy Sensitivity? Journal of Neurochemistry, 131(2):251-264.

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Tromp-van Meerveld, H J; Weiler, Markus (2008). Hillslope dynamics modeled with increasing complexity. Journal of Hydrology, 361(1-2):24-40.

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