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O h-Ici, Darach; Wespi, Patrick; Busch, Julia; Wissmann, Lukas; Krajewski, Marcin; Weiss, Kilian; Sigfridsson, Andreas; Messroghli, Daniel; Kozerke, Sebastian (2016). Hyperpolarized metabolic MR imaging of acute myocardial changes and recovery after ischemia-reperfusion in a small-animal model. Radiology, 278(3):742-751.

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Weiss, Kilian; Summermatter, Severin; Stoeck, Christian T; Kozerke, Sebastian (2014). Compensation of signal loss due to cardiac motion in point-resolved spectroscopy of the heart. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 72(5):1201-1207.

Weiss, Kilian; Sigfridsson, Andreas; Wissmann, Lukas; Busch, Julia; Batel, Michael; Krajewski, Marcin; Ernst, Matthias; Kozerke, Sebastian (2013). Accelerating hyperpolarized metabolic imaging of the heart by exploiting spatiotemporal correlations. NMR in Biomedicine, 26(11):1380-1386.

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Weiss, Kilian; Martini, Nicola; Boesiger, Peter; Kozerke, Sebastian (2012). Metabolic MR imaging of regional triglyceride and creatine content in the human heart. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 68(6):1696-1704.

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