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Brotschi, Barbara; Grass, Beate; Ramos, Gabriel; Beck, Ingrid; Held, Ulrike; Hagmann, Cornelia; Meyer, Ph; Zeilinger, G; Schulzke, S M; Wellmann, S; Wagner, B; Daetwyler, K; Nelle, M; Bär, W; Scharrer, B; Tolsa, J-F; Truttmann, A; Schneider, J; Pfister, R E; Berger, T M; Fontana, M; Micallef, J P; Birkenmayer, A; Bucher, H U; Natalucci, G; Adams, M; Frey, B; Bernet, V; Latal, B (2015). The impact of a register on the management of neonatal cooling in Switzerland. Early Human Development, 91(4):277-284.

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Wellmann, S. Molecular mechanisms of cellular response to hypoxia. 2009, University of Zurich, Faculty of Medicine.

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